Tag: gay rights

by Madeleine Bair

“Say hi to your mom,” a young bully says to the 15-year-old boy his posse has surrounded on a park bench. “You will be an Internet celebrity.” The chilling taunt comes 4 minutes into a 20-minute Russian YouTube video of homophobic harassment that went viral last week. It is the most chilling reminder that as […] more »

by Jonathan Peters

For the last few months, Andrew Shirvell, an assistant attorney general of Michigan, has crusaded against the “radical homosexual agenda” of 21-year-old Chris Armstrong, the openly gay student-body president of the University of Michigan. Shirvell has verbally attacked Armstrong at campus events, demonstrated outside the student’s home, and has bashed the kid on his personal […] more »

by Sokari Ekine

Simon Nkoli “The closet I have come out of — it is similar to the wardrobe my relieved parents stepped out of when I unlocked the wardrobe after the police had left. If you’re black in South Africa, the inhuman laws of apartheid closet you, if you’re gay in South Africa, the homophobic customs of […] more »