Tag: digital downloads

by Todd Allen

Much like newspapers and magazines, comics have made the jump to digital. The leap has been just as precarious. The business side of the comics business is something that doesn’t get discussed nearly as much as it should and that can cause some stumbling blocks — particularly for creators striking out on their own. Discovery […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Department of Justice: We don’t need warrants for email, Facebook chats (CNET) 2. Social + mobile = the “dynamite” combo ITV News needed Nieman) 3. Fox sees “healthy growth” of home video market thanks to digital downloads (PaidContent.org) 4. Hearst hires digital chief to oversee web brands (NYT) 5. LinkedIn launches magazine-style news channel […] more »

by Mark Glaser

There’s a growing feeling in the American music business that the future will be in the cloud. No one will need physical CDs anymore, but will listen to music on streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify, which will eventually merge into a grand digital jukebox. But industry veteran Tom Silverman, who founded dance music […] more »