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by Kathleen Bartzen Culver

On Friday, June 6, our biweekly #EdShift chat will focus on how to avoid ethical minefields when using social media in news. We’ll cover questions of accuracy and verification, as well as inclusivity, participation and how to teach key principles in classes. The chat will be moderated as usual by MediaShift’s Education Curator Katy Culver, with special […] more »

by Courtney Lowery Cowgill

1. To the Snowden story system a crowning Pulitzer might have gone (Jay Rosen / Press Think) 2. Pulitzer board noted Boston Globe’s use of a “range of digital tools to capture the full impact” of the marathon bombings (Joseph P. Kahn / Boston Globe) 3. The Intercept still hiring and setting up shop, editor […] more »

by Jenny Xie

Typically, web content flows from a website into social media and mobile apps. NowThis News, founded last September by veterans of Huffington Post, anchors its content in its mobile apps. Original videos, in digestible lengths and narrated by young voices, stem from iOS and Android apps and flow to a minimal website and the network’s […] more »

by Mark Glaser

Recently, Twitter posted a job for a “head of news and journalism partnerships.” Oh my gosh! Was Twitter going to get into the news business and start its own newsroom with reporters and editors ferreting out what’s happening as news breaks? Despite hysteria that this might be happening (stoked by provocateur Michael Wolff), the reality […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Body of man falsely identified as Boston bombing suspect on Twitter and Reddit found (Poynter) 2. The New York Times releases its headline-reading Google Glass App (TechCrunch) 3. Breaking news is broken; Could Buzzfeed be the one to fix it? (The Atlantic) 4. Researchers call out Twitter celebrities with suspicious followings (NYT) 5. Instapaper […] more »

by Mark Glaser

There’s a lot of business to attend to on this week’s podcast. First, the business of microblogging grows up, with Twitter inking a massive ad deal with Starcom Mediavest Group worth “hundreds of millions of dollars,” according to FT’s Emily Steel. Steel broke the big story and will be joining us as a special guest; […] more »

by Andy Carvin

Here’s the transcript of a talk I gave at the International Symposium for Online Journalists in Austin, Texas last Friday. We Messed Up Now as many of you know, I’m usually I’m not at a loss for words. But I really struggled to decide what to talk about today, especially in the wake of the […] more »

by Jihii Jolly

A lot is happening in Boston, just like a lot has happened in past months, including a lot of hype on the news, a lot of confusion, and the spread of quite some misinformation. But eventually, the chase ends, the investigations close, the who, what, where, when, and how get answered, and the why gets […] more »

by Julie Keck

The best stories across the web on media and technology, curated by Julie Keck. 1. Bombing suspect’s social media profile: What’s real, what’s fake, and what we don’t know (Boston.com) 2. Fake Twitter accounts spring up assuming bombers’ identities (Daily Dot) 3. Reddit vs. the Media in search for Boston bombing suspects (Slate) 4. Shameless […] more »

by Mark Glaser

It’s been a rough week on many fronts. At the end of the Boston Marathon, two bombs went off, killing at least three people and maiming dozens of others. The news quickly spread on social media, with crucial updates and offers of support. But there was also people spreading misinformation, and the media blundered by […] more »