Tag: beyond the book 2012

by Joshua Davis

‘Tis the season for reading — both print and e-books. But can the two really coexist? For this video report (below), I checked in with three bookstores in Chapel Hill and Durham, N.C., and asked store managers and customers whether they preferred print or e-books. Click to read the whole series. Some of their answers […] more »

by Felicia Pride

During my grad school days nearly a decade ago, I relished the stories of editor extraordinaire Maxwell Perkins nurturing a promising, yet unknown F. Scott Fitzgerald. Granted, by the time I was studying book publishing, tales of editors and authors toiling together for years to perfect a manuscript were no longer occurring in a business […] more »

by Mark Glaser

The reading public is torn now. There is the undeniable convenience of e-books, downloaded at the click of a button; and you can load dozens of them onto one small lightweight device. But who can deny the pleasure of unplugging completely from technology and enjoying a print book at a cafe, at the beach or […] more »

by Courtney Lowery Cowgill

There’s nothing like giving the gift of reading. And, it used to be that there was one means to that end: Buy a book at a bookstore, perhaps inscribe it, wrap it up and give it. But today, the gift of reading can mean so much more than a wrapped-up book. Today, the literary giver […] more »