Tag: beat reporting

by Nicholas White

This is the second post in a series from Nicholas White, the co-founder and CEO of The Daily Dot. It used to be, to be a good reporter, all you had to do was get drunk with the right people. Sure, it helped if you could string a few words together, but what was really […] more »

by Kornelia Trytko

The true value of a reporter can be measured by the number of contacts in his or her address book, I’m told, and one of the most important priorities for a journalist is to establish a wide network of sources, which can later be used to produce solid and trustworthy reporting. Now, increased Internet and […] more »

by Alexandra Bosanac

Education content on MediaShift is sponsored by the USC Annenberg nine-month M.A. in Specialized Journalism. USC’s highly customized degree programs are tailored to the experienced journalist and gifted amateur. Learn more about how USC Annenberg is immersed in tomorrow. Does journalism education need a new approach? The University of Toronto thinks so. In fact, Robert […] more »