Tag: avatar

by Terri Thornton

An avatar, for lack of a better explanation, is our incarnation on the Internet — the virtual Halloween costume we wear every day. Whether it’s an animated alter ego in a game or online community, or a two-dimensional Facebook profile picture or Twitter “Twavatar,” your avatar is how the online world sees you. It’s also […] more »

by Nick Mendoza

The biggest night in movies is two days away, and everyone has an opinion as to who will win an Oscar. While there isn’t a proven formula that can tell us which film is going to win, a closer look at social media such as blogs and Twitter can provide some interesting perspective as to […] more »

by Nick Mendoza

Do you remember August 21, 2009? Moviegoers in more than 100 IMAX 3-D theaters worldwide watched 16 minutes of footage from a new James Cameron movie. That same day, Ubisoft debuted a trailer for a videogame based on the film, and Mattel unveiled action figures inspired by the film’s characters. A day earlier, the teaser […] more »