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by Aja Frost

This article first appeared on Contently’s The Freelancer. When the New York Times launched “Snow Fall,” a longform exploration of an avalanche complete with animated graphics, incredible aerial video, and photo slideshows, the media world went wild. The story won a Peabody award for its “spectacular realization of digital storytelling.” The author, John Branch, received a Pulitzer. But while the story […] more »

by Leandro Oliva

As news spread on Monday that The Daily, the 100,000 subscription, tablet-only news magazine would shutter before the end of the year, a torrent of analysis sprung up to explain how and why 2010’s great media experiment failed to take off. There is no shortage of reasoning behind The Daily’s untimely demise — particularly in […] more »

by Susan Currie Sivek

I’ve never seen a “Not for Individual Sale” label on a magazine story. So why can’t I buy most individual magazine articles in digital form just yet? Selling stand-alone stories has seemed like a potential business model for magazines and other journalism organizations since the rise of iTunes. Observers hyped an incipient micropayment business model […] more »