Matthew Syrett

Matthew Syrett is a seasoned online marketing and entertainment professional who has been on the web since its very beginning. He has worked as a VP/Director at Grey Advertising’s interactive division, a senior product manager for Amazon’s subsidiary, and the VP of Product for the Linkshare corporation. Beyond his day job, he produces documentary films including the 2008 Oscar winning film Freeheld. He presently lives in Western, MA where he works as a for-hire marketing consultant, product guru, technology strategist, and quantitative analyst.

by Matthew Syrett

In 2010, the launch of Facebook “likes” marked a dramatic change in the social network’s strategy to one poised to compete directly for search audiences. This effort has now fully materialized as Facebook’s Graph Search. Based on what is publicly known about this beta product, Facebook’s product team wants to use a social media spin […] more »