Colleen Newvine

Colleen Newvine has been a reporter and editor at daily, weekly and monthly publications, including serving as founding editor of the Insider Business Journal in the northwest suburbs of Detroit and as business editor of the Ann Arbor News. She joined the Associated Press in 2006 and now serves as product manager of the AP Stylebook, sometimes referred to as the journalist's bible. She went part time at AP in 2011, making time to launch her marketing consulting firm, Newvine Growing, with a special emphasis on farms, farmers markets and farm-to-table restaurants. Newvine earned her bachelor's degree in journalism from Central Michigan University and her MBA from University of Michigan Business School with an emphasis in marketing and corporate strategy. She lives in Brooklyn, N.Y. with her husband, John Tebeau.

by Colleen Newvine

Editor’s note: Collaboration Central occasionally looks at collaborations outside of the media to glean lessons for what works elsewhere. This story looks at collaboration in the Brooklyn food scene to explore inspiration for media organizations. Collaborative brewing is widespread enough that in 2010 ran a lengthy list of collaboration beers under the headline, “Peace, […] more »