Media Metrics Roundup for January 25, 2017

    by Jason Alcorn
    January 25, 2017

    The Top 5 Analytics Platforms For Chatbots

    (Marc Romeyn / Chatbots Magazine)
    Do you want an easy setup or more robust tracking?

    What Women Want in a Community

    (Marie Tessier / Coral Project)
    5 ideas to fix the gender gap in online engagement.

    Marketplace Embarks on New Endeavor to Increase Economic Literacy

    (Pete Vernon / Columbia Journalism Review)
    Hoping a lofty goal and audience growth go together.


    How Bloomberg is Fighting to Reclaim Homepage Traffic

    (Lucia Moses / Digiday)
    Ending infinite scroll has led to a 7x (!) increase in page views.

    The Recipe to Pentel Pens’ Instagram Success

    (Tanya Dua / Digiday)
    Your MetricShift editor is a Zebra F-301 loyalist, but Pentel gets social media.

    From MetricShift

    The Most Engaging Stories, According to Chartbeat by Tim Cigelske


    Journalism and Analytics: A Starter’s Guide to the Research by Nicole Blanchett Neheli

    What Makes A Curated Newsletter Great? by Tamara Power-Drutis and Sangeeta Singh-Kurtz

    What Are You Doing, Medium, with Sex 2.0 Notifications? by Tim Cigelske

    How the O’Brien Fellowship Award Will Honor Impact by Jason Alcorn

    Interested in Metrics and Impact? Contribute to MetricShift! by Jason Alcorn

    Upcoming Trainings & Events

    How to Get Foundation Funding in the Age of Fake News [Jan. 25]
    > #MetricShift Twitter Chat [Jan. 27]
    How to Boost Engagement with User and A/B Testing [Feb. 1]
    How to Launch a Podcast [Feb. 8]
    > Getting Started with 360° Video [Feb. 15]
    J-School Hackathon at Nevada-Reno [Feb. 24-26]

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    Jason Alcorn (@jasonalcorn) is the Metrics Editor for MediaShift. In addition to his work with MediaShift, he works as a consultant with non-profits and newsrooms.

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