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by Jason Alcorn
January 5, 2017

MetricShift examines the ways we can use meaningful metrics in the digital age. We provide thoughtful, actionable content on metrics, analytics and measuring impact through original reporting, aggregation, and audience engagement and community.

We love to share pieces from writers with something to say.

Our guest contributors come from all parts of the media world: journalism and communications school faculty, journalists, data analysts, engagement editors, and directors of revenue, as well as many other experts and practitioners. We welcome first-person posts as well as reported articles. (Did we mention that we pay for reported articles?)


Four topics we’re interested in right now

1. Metrics case studies

All too often we read about metrics in the abstract when what people working in newsrooms really need is actionable advice. That’s where you come in.

Do you have a metrics story to share? If your newsroom changed how it did analytics or you started using a new audience development tool and it was a big success, we want to hear about it. On the other hand, if you’re facing a metrics challenge and our readers or community of experts might be able to help you overcome it, tell us.


A great case study cuts through the muck with a road map to what works and what doesn’t. Some of the case studies we’ve published come from the Los Angeles Times, Reveal/Center for Investigative Reporting, Independent Lens, WISC-TV, Chattanooga Times Free Press, and Gannett. Let’s add your newsroom to that list.

2. Measuring impact

In September, we wrote this in the introduction to our special series on measuring impact:

“Newsrooms pride themselves on stories that make a difference.

“Those stories can be good for business, too. Impact is a point of differentiation in a crowded marketplace for commercial news and a powerful motivator for philanthropists who support public media and non-profit journalism.”

Today people are tackling the impact question from all sides, including academic research, tech innovation, and newsroom best practices. Here at MetricShift we’ll stay on top of the latest developments, and welcome story ideas that help us to do that.

3. The year of the subscriber in media

As I was writing this, Ev Williams announced layoffs at Medium and a retreat from a “broken” ad-based business model for publishing. Gaudy traffic numbers aren’t going anywhere, but publishers are finally getting serious about direct revenue from subscriptions.

There will all kinds of interesting stories this year about how this plays out. MetricShift wants to know what it means for newsrooms. How do journalists empower and educate themselves to attract a loyal, paying audience and get off the publish-for-clicks hamster wheel? What are the new tools being developed that support that?

4. Everything about social media metrics

Social media is big, influential and seems to be changing every single day. Not surprisingly, many of the most-read articles on MetricShift answer questions about social media, like how to measure engagementstrategies for individual platforms, the top publishers on social media, and the best social media apps to use.

MetricShift will continue to cover social media technology, audience engagement, new tools and platforms, and everything else that publishers need to know to be successful. Whatever you’re interested in, I’m sure our other readers are too. Let’s hear it.

How to Pitch a Story

If you’d like to write about metrics and impact for MetricShift, send me an email at [email protected].

Fully formed pitches are welcome, or we can work together to develop an idea. Marketing pitches can be sent to the same email address. Guests posts will be considered for publication as long as they aren’t primarily self-promotional. We also will pay for reported articles, and would consider a recurring feature or column.

Jason Alcorn (@jasonalcorn) is the Metrics Editor for MediaShift. In addition to his work with MediaShift, he works as a consultant with non-profits and newsrooms.

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