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by Laura Walker Hudson

Three weeks ago, FrontlineSMS launched its first new full release in more than a year. Now, we’re releasing Version 2.0.2, which includes useful bug fixes and small tweaks to the functionality that make it even easier to use. You can expect regular releases from us from now on, with new features coming out every couple […] more »

by Laura Walker Hudson

Mobile phones are everywhere. There are now 6 billion active mobile phone connections across the world, an increasing number of which are in emerging markets, in communities that have previously been hard to reach. Recognizing this potential, our founder, Ken Banks, envisioned FrontlineSMS six and a half years ago as a means to harness the […] more »

by Anu Sridharan

In January, we had 1,000 customers registered for NextDrop, which informs residents in India via cell phone about the availability of piped water. This month — just four months later — more than 25,000 people were subscribed to it. Ramping up in such a short period of time is challenging to say the least, but […] more »

by Melissa Ulbricht

The Mobile Security Survival Guide for Journalists from SaferMobile helps reporters better understand the risks inherent in the use of mobile technology. The guide covers both local journalists and those on assignment in another country. As someone working with sensitive information, mobile communications are inherently insecure and expose journalists working in sensitive environments to risks […] more »

by Amy O'Donnell

Radio’s history has spanned over 100 years and it continues to reach billions — even in remote and underserved regions. So when UNESCO announced that the inaugural World Radio Day was to be celebrated on February 13, one question on many people’s lips was: Why now? Pamoja FM of Kenya relies on SMS news tips […] more »

by Anu Sridharan

NextDrop’s first 15,000 customers have been primarily middle class families. However, we wanted to see if our solution could be used for people who use a public tap as well (i.e., they have no in home connection). Our service informs residents in India about the availability of piped water in order to help them lead […] more »

by Jessica Mayberry

The state of technology today means that nearly every village in the developing world could have someone — a local changemaker — who broadcasts his or her issues to the world. It’s commonplace today to hear people say the world is flooded with content and that “everyone” can now be a producer. At every community […] more »

by Florence Scialom

So much can be said in 160 characters. As we’ve started to look at tailoring FrontlineSMS software for journalists, we’ve realized just how much potential there is to use text messaging as a news source. As FrontlineSMS’s community support coordinator, I interact every day with people and organizations that are using SMS in innovative ways. […] more »

by Anne-Ryan Heatwole

A simple text message can have a big impact. Mobile giving makes it easy to donate almost instantaneously after disaster strikes — users authorize a mobile donation by texting a keyword to a specific short code, and the donation is then billed to the donor’s mobile phone bill, eventually ending up with the nonprofit of […] more »

by Ari Olmos

One year ago, when we were just a team of graduate students with a big idea, our teammate Thejo Kote came to Hubli, India and demoed a web-based dashboard to the executive engineer and commissioner here. The dashboard uses Google Maps to show the status of valves and other system components in real time, using […] more »