Tag: open source

by Bonnie Bogle

In a country where only 9 percent of the population has access to the Internet and more than half never uses a television, it’s critical for journalists and organizations supporting the media to understand how people get news and other information. As part of its efforts to support independent journalism in Afghanistan, [Internews](http://www.internews.org/where-we-work/asia/afghanistan) mapped the […] more »

by Florence Scialom

The FrontlineSMS user community has seen a growing number of user meet-ups across the world in recent months. It’s exciting to see community members come together and share opinions and experiences on our software. This is a guest column by FrontlineSMS user Joseph Owuondo, who attended a recent meet-up in Nairobi hosted at the FrontlineSMS […] more »

by Stewart Long

Last week, Public Laboratory announced that public domain maps are now starting to show up on Google Earth and Google Maps. But how did the projects get there? Here’s a timeline of a Public Laboratory map project. Making a map Public Laboratory projects take a community-based approach to making maps that differs depending on where […] more »

by Shannon Dosemagen

This post was co-authored by Sara Wylie, a a Public Laboratory co-founder. Public Laboratory is an open-source software and hardware development community dedicated to producing low-cost tools for environmental research. The nonprofit portion of Public Lab grew out of using aerial mapping to address the BP Oil Spill. Since then, we’ve grown enormously as a […] more »

by Philip Neustrom

This post is a guest column by Jason Hibbets, chair of Raleigh’s South West Citizen Advisory Council (SWCAC). A version of this post first appeared on southwestraleigh.com. Almost 50 people collaborated on Saturday at Red Hat headquarters, currently located on Centennial Campus in Raleigh, N.C., to participate in Triangle Wiki Day. The event was a […] more »

by Jeffrey Warren

Public Laboratory is made up of a diverse group of contributors, some working from their homes or garages, some from their workplaces or even university labs. What brings us together is the idea that open-source, collaborative development can result in inexpensive and accessible environmental sensing. But to many, the way our community operates can be […] more »

by Heather Leson

One spark and it happens: An individual or a team of people create a deployment using Ushahidi or Crowdmap. Their motivation and the inspiration are telling tales. These citizens, diaspora and a global community collaborate near and far to make change happen. Motivated often by the simple act of giving voice and building momentum for […] more »

by Bonnie Bogle

[TileMill](http://mapbox.com/tilemill), the free and open-source design studio for creating beautiful web maps, is now available for [download on Windows](http://mapbox.com/tilemill/#windows/). With the latest release, the map-making tool is fully operational on the three leading operating systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux. With Windows still dominating the marketplace, this is a huge development that will open the door […] more »

by AJ Ashton

Mapping can be as much about choosing what data not to include as to include, so you can best focus your audience on the story you are telling. Oftentimes with data visualization projects, the story isn’t about the streets or businesses or parks, but rather about the data you’re trying to layer on the map. […] more »

by Ted Han

[DocumentCloud](http://www.documentcloud.org) visited London at the beginning of November for [the Mozilla Festival](https://mozillafestival.org/). This year’s festival focused on media, freedom and the web. DocumentCloud, a catalog of primary source documents and a tool for annotating, organizing and publishing them on the web, fit comfortably alongside a variety of interesting participants and projects from the [news space](https://mozillafestival.org/2011/09/28/flow-media/), […] more »