Chute Insights Brings Visual Metrics to Visual Marketers

    by Gregarious Narain
    February 20, 2015
    Chute Insights aims to surface relevant insights, media and ideas in real-time.

    Gregarious Narain is the co-founder and CTO of Chute, which Knight Foundation supports through the Knight Enterprise Fund.

    Customers have made it clear that a world filled with immersive, rich images and media is the world they prefer. They have adopted a personal arsenal of hardware and services that put us squarely in the center of the visual revolution. Not to be left behind, marketers and publishers alike are doing their best to keep up with the future.

    "Visual marketers increasingly have to master a wide range of new skills to succeed, the least of which is the mastery of how to create and publish amazing visuals."

    The modern marketer is a visual marketer. Almost every venue we have to engage an audience demands a striking visual – either as the content itself or in support of the content. Visual marketers increasingly have to master a wide range of new skills to succeed, the least of which is the mastery of how to create and publish amazing visuals.


    How to scale and succeed with visual marketing

    Chute, a visual marketing automation company, today launched Chute Insights, its latest platform to help visual marketers scale and succeed with their visual marketing efforts. At its heart, Chute Insights gives brands and publishers a cockpit to view the world through their customers’ eyes, enabling them to quickly and easily find keen, new insights and valuable moments of inspiration. This new system enables a marketer to quickly tap into the always-on focus group of consumers publishing on social to keep their pulse on what matters most at that very moment, by following the most important topics and trendsetters.

    As a visual marketer, every organization has to learn how to think visually, learn from their customers, foster lasting relationships, and move at a breakneck pace across an ever-expanding landscape of channels. Chute Insights solves all these issues by surfacing not only the best media, but also the themes and consumers that drive that conversation.

    Most importantly, visual marketers must be able to act with agility; conversations shift with a moment’s notice. Chute Insights, coupled with Chute Workspace, enables marketers to quickly clear rights, amplify on social, or even put to work immediately on owned and paid channels.


    Visual marketing is a new, exciting practice area for the modern marketer. Although we’ve always worked with visuals, we haven’t always been visual marketers. Chute’s visual marketing automation platform is bringing every marketer’s toolkit into the future.

    To learn more about Chute, please visit getchute.com.

    Gregarious Narain previously was the vice president of product at Klout, where he helped establish the Klout Score as the standard for online influence.


    This post originally appeared on the Knight Blog.

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