Reporting by Olga Kyle and Reuben Stern.

The Huffington Post has become one of the Web’s most successful content organizations by embracing the ethos of the digital realm and keeping up with the latest technology developments.

In this report from the Reynolds Journalism Institute’s Futures Lab, we go inside the Huffington Post newsroom to see what other news organizations might learn from this digital-only enterprise. National Editor Kate Palmer explains the how the newsroom is driven by a pervasive entrepreneurial spirit, a communal focus on data and a decentralized management style.

For a thorough rundown of the Huffington Post’s history and development, check out this entry from the Nieman Journalism Lab’s Encyclo.

Reuben Stern is the deputy director of the Futures Lab at the Reynolds Journalism Institute and host and co-producer of the weekly Futures Lab video update.


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