What Do You Think of Ads on Your Mobile Phone?

    by Mark Glaser
    April 16, 2010

    There are two converging trends: 1) people are tired of seeing advertising everywhere, and 2) cell phones are becoming an entry place to the mobile web, meaning more ads are coming. Yet, even as our smartphones give us more features, we’d prefer to have no ads and not have to pay for apps. At some point, we might have to make the trade-off of seeing more ads on our mobile phones in exchange for free features and add-ons. And now that Apple announced its new iAds initiative to serve ads into apps on iPhones and iPads, we know the bombardment of ads is coming. So what do you think? Are mobile ads a necessary evil or something we can live without or something that’s welcome when relevant? Answer the poll below or give us a more detailed answer in comments.

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    • Let’s see. I’m getting a feeling. Yes. There it is. HATE! HATE! HATE!
      Why so harsh, you say? They are paying for the content, you say?
      Actually, I pay a bundle for a device and for a service — and I also pay directly to content providers I support. I don’t mind some passive ads but I do mind being forced to view ads that are blocking or interfering with my destination. Or my attention.

    • JS

      There is so much distraction in the world today – especially in electronic media. Advertising is amongst my top pet peeves in this regards… its everywhere, its obnoxious and it continually offends, even when it purports to be ‘educational’ or ‘funny’. Think of how much at peace the individual would be if they were not so overwhelmed with insecurities (and voila here’s a product that will alleviate them)? No thanks!

    • I think it’s a waste of battery life, but I also know that nothing can be for free anymore.

    • TesserId

      The industry of illusion sells its services on the delusion that consumers won’t become alienated from their spawn. They are in denial in thinking that they will realize any gains by pressing their intentionally distracting product into every aspect of life. I have to wonder if there won’t come another economic crisis caused solely by the consumer apathy and lack of focus induced by advertising overload. Is such a thing possible? I don’t know, but I am sure that advertisers just don’t know when to stop.

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