Political Blogs Engage; Steve Jobs Doesn’t

    by JD Lasica
    January 22, 2008

    I had a contrarian reaction to Steve Jobs’ keynote at Macworld Expo last week. Sitting in the convention center, tapping away at my laptop once again, I couldn’t help but think that some of the magic of Apple had left the room.

    Jobs, now on the board of Disney, has been slowly morphing into a creature of Hollywood, more interested in doing deals that let consumers view streaming blockbuster movies than in helping to revolutionize Web video for users to take the next great leap forward.

    It wasn’t a sell-out — Apple answers to its shareholders, after all — but it was by far the most disappointing keynote I’ve attended.


    Tonight, as I was watching the spirited Democratic debate in South Carolina on CNN, I spent more time flitting back and forth between social networking sites (like Twitter) and political blogs, like DailyKos, to participate in some real-time reaction among fellow voters.

    It wasn’t exactly a feeling of empowerment. But it was a feeling of engagement, of not feeling locked out of the political process as in years past. Others apparently feel the same way, with untold thousands of people posting reactions, heading out to cover the campaigns carrying only a video camera, or posting widgets on their blogs, like this one, from the political blog myDD.

    We’re doing this ourselves, without licensing, streaming or buying anything from Steve Jobs or his friends in high places.


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    16 responses to “Political Blogs Engage; Steve Jobs Doesn’t”

    1. Agree. Mix life with political is not a good way of life, they are not a harmony couple, unless politic is your life.


    2. Den says:

      Sooner or later, the social networking site will give more engagement than CNN or other media. The politics will use www more and more.

      Good luck,

    3. sonja says:

      Have to agree. Who can blame anyone preferring a place where knowing you are heard from the immediate reactions you got than listening to someone passively?

    4. Ray Allen says:

      I agree too. Steve Jobs has let his responsibilities at the Disney board affect his real responsibilities, which are to extend and expand the online experience. But I guess, who can blame him, one lucrative deal can pay for several waterfront mansions sprinkled around the world!

    5. John says:

      Its very nice piece of post that i read while sipping my favorite green coffee, i can’t guess which tasted more than other.. coffee or this article. J.D. Lasica has explored the areas that were not discovered by me yet. Bravo

    6. yfcteam says:

      I agree, it was a lucrative deal for Jobs

    7. mlcdir says:

      Right ! Business is business and political is political ; no need to join them

    8. Dan says:

      What should we do ? Boycott Apple products ?

    9. Pierre says:

      Well, if we are to boycott it wont change anything

    10. John says:

      How can we do so ?

    11. mingphuong says:

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    12. david says:

      Yes! I agree with this, Business is business and political is political.. Thanks for that!

    13. david says:

      Yes! I agree with this, Business is business and political is political.. Thanks for that!

    14. MingFun says:

      ah the article is so old, steve jobs RIP.
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