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by Tom Lowenthal

Good news for journalists wanting added protection from surveillance. Yahoo has announced a technical preview of its email security tool End-to-End, which it has been developing in collaboration with Google. This is another milestone in the tech companies’ efforts to protect users not just from outsiders, but also from the companies themselves. The Problem Typically, […] more »

by Tom Grasty

Two and a half years ago, I co-founded Stroome, a collaborative online video editing and publishing platform and 2010 Knight News Challenge winner. Considering the fact that “video” is one of the most searchable words on the web, our first startup challenge — actually coming up with a name for our site — proved to […] more »

by Amanda Hickman

Gail Robinson’s recent post on traffic in a post-loyal era got me thinking about measures of web traffic and, more broadly, how to measure the impact of non-profit journalism. I certainly don’t disagree with Gotham Gazette decision to pass on providing Yahoo with free content. There’s no good reason that Yahoo can’t create a lively […] more »

by Gail Robinson

Back in the early days of websites — way back, a decade ago — there were far fewer publications on the web than there are today, of course, and many people read them as they had read print newspapers and magazines. A reader would go to a favorite site and check in perhaps once a […] more »

by Richard Anderson

The internet has created the need for radical change in the community news business. Incremental changes such as Yahoo consortiums will not be sufficient to stem the loss of print revenue. Consumers do not want to be limited to browsing content provided by legacy top-down, control oriented news organizations. As well, banners and buttons, the […] more »