Tag: Crisis

by Trevor Knoblich

The aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings demonstrated yet another significant marker for citizen journalism. Felix Salmon, in an excellent post on the Reuters blog, wrote that the manhunt for a suspect in the bombings “in many ways represented the first fully interactive news story.” The crisis again demonstrated the value — and risks — […] more »

by Andrius Kulikauskas

The Includer is a device for listening to a person’s deepest thoughts. This may take twelve years, which is how long I have known David Ellison-Bey. In July, his house was foreclosed. He then asked for my help to review his many bills. They reflect the American economy, which weighs on his shoulders. Please think […] more »

by David Sasaki

The post-election crisis in Kenya has received a good deal of blogger coverage, both at Global Voices as well as the wider blogosphere. Some say the ensuing violence boils down to ethnic animosity. Others insist that such a viewpoint is overly simplistic. Kenya’s post-election crisis has taught us that cell phone airtime can become currency […] more »