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by Matt Carroll

One of the single biggest defining issues for journalism over the next few years is the evolving — and uneasy — relationship between social media platforms and newsrooms. It’s a complicated issue. We have reached a point where “news spaces are no longer owned by newsmakers,” in the memorable phrase of Emily Bell, director of the Tow Center at […] more »

by Josh Stearns

This post originally appeared on the Local News Lab. The American Press Institute just published a terrific report with lessons from nearly 20 news organizations who are building their event strategy. If your newsroom is interested in face-to-face community engagement and exploring events as a new revenue stream, the report is a must read. The […] more »

by Josh Elizetxe

The way individuals interact online is consistently changing — especially with the release of the Google Glass. On April 15, Google announced a one-day event where anyone who was willing to pay $1,500 could purchase the newest Google Glass. If you haven’t heard yet, Glass is a wearable computer that’s worn like glasses, but has advanced […] more »

by Pooja Kodavanti

“Ignore this book at your own peril.” –Seth Godin That’s spelled out on the front cover of “Rework,” a book written by two robust, march-to-the-beat-of-their-own-drum individuals who say they know what’s up in the growing business self-help industry. Authors Jason Fried and David Hansson founded 37signals, a privately held web application/design company. They decided to […] more »

by Miguel Paz

Let’s say you would like to map politicians and their connections, build a semantic database of companies and top executives in a specific industry, or create a visualization of lobbyists and their clients. With Poderopedia’s new Plug & Play Platform, now you can. It’s free and open source. Fork it! After winning the Knight News […] more »

by Mathew Morgan

We just launched ShoutAbout.org publicly at the Mashable Social Good Summit late last month, and the process has been enlightening. First some background: ShoutAbout offers a free engagement tool for media sites that allows readers to bridge awareness of important issues with constructive ways to do something. Everything is crowdsourced. For folks thinking about getting […] more »

by Geoff Dougherty

When Toyota first began to rise to prominence in this country, the company’s cars were known as cheap, plasticky, not-to-be trusted imports. Now Toyota is on pace to unseat GM as the world’s auto sales leader, and is regarded as one of the most innovative companies around. A New Yorker article by James Surowiecki gives […] more »

by Lisa Williams

Massive layoffs with no end in sight. Wave after wave of acquisitions and mergers fueled by the excesses of artificially cheap capital. Widespread fear that an entire industry and its contributions will stall or simply stop. This describes the news industry today, but it also described the high tech industry in the late eighties and […] more »

by G. Patton Hughes

Mark Glaser, our host on Mediashift, asked: “ … is there something (hyper-local news sites) can offer the businesses beyond just a display ad or a place in an online directory? Is there a more creative partnership they might have, where reader/contributors could give the business honest feedback on the site — positive and negative? […] more »

by Geoff Dougherty

One of the biggest challenges of building ChiTownDailyNews.org has been running the business side of things — fundraising, ad sales, etc — while also trying to build a network of volunteer community journalists, edit their stories, manage our bloggers and beat reporters. As of this week, we’re looking to break those tasks into two separate […] more »