On Saturday, The Tiziano Project launched StoriesFrom — a new, open platform for community-based storytelling.

The site allows individuals and organizations to easily create immersive documentary projects that combine the work of both community members and professional journalists and filmmakers. The resulting projects display beautiful and engaging online packages.

The Tiziano Project students, Elirë Xhemaili (left) and Aulona Hoxha (right), work on their iPads during a two-week iPad video workshop at the Dokufest International Film Festival in Kosovo. (Photo: Grant Slater / The Tiziano Project)

We launched at the Dokufest International Film Festival in Kosovo, where we are concurrently teaching a two-week video storytelling workshop entirely using the new iPad. The resulting work will be screened on the last day of the festival and used to populate a new showcase from Kosovo within StoriesFrom.

StoriesFrom launched with projects from Iraq, Afghanistan, the West Bank and East Jerusalem, Latvia, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation.

We are currently accepting project ideas to be used for beta testing of the platform. If you would like to participate, please email: create@storiesfrom.us