Daily Must Reads, December 22, 2015

by Julie Keck
December 22, 2015

1. 42% of Cord-Cutters Don’t Even Subscribe to Home Broadband (Brian Fung / Washington Post)

2. Crain is Diving into Newsletters Based on Who and Where Readers Are (Shan Wang/  Nieman Lab)

3. Predictions for Journalism 2016: Journalism as Relationship Building (Jan Schaffer / Nieman Lab)


4. Researchers Solve Juniper Backdoor Mystery; Signs Point to NSA (Kim Zetter / Wired)

5. How Hackers are Scaring Companies into Respecting Your Privacy (Aaron Sankin / Daily Dot)

6. Doug Barry, John Baldecchi Form Digital Riot Media to Make Movies for Vine Fans (Janko Roetthers / Variety)


7. Hearst Partners With Reelio to Build Social Influencer Network (Mike Shields / Wall Street Journal)

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