This week we learn how the social media news agency Storyful serves up user-generated content to news organizations, and we find out how the startup Eyeris measures viewers’ emotional reactions to video content.

PART 1: Storyful

Storyful is a social media news agency that scans the social web to deliver verified user-generated content to news organizations and provide editorial support to source, verify and contextualize the content. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mark Little explains how the company offers a new model of reporting.
Reporting by Tatiana Darie.
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For more information:

Storyful recently launched the FB Newswire, a partnership with Facebook that allows both organizations and individuals to access verified content shared on Facebook in real time.

The company has also partnered with Google to create the Open Newsroom on Google+. It allows people who witness, observe or have knowledge about a subject to come together and analyze stories.

PART 2: Eyeris

The startup Eyeris has developed a platform that can recognize and record a viewer’s emotional reactions in real time as the person watches video content. We hear how it works from Eyeris founder and Chief Executive Officer JR Alaoui. We also hear from Paul Bolls, co-director of the PRIME Lab at the University of Missouri, about how the technology might fit with the needs of advertisers.
Reporting by Colin Hope and Reuben Stern.
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Reuben Stern is the deputy director of the Futures Lab at the Reynolds Journalism Institute and host and co-producer of the weekly Futures Lab video update.

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