Poll: How Can Authors Best Reach an Audience?

by Mark Glaser
September 6, 2013
Author Gustavo Arellano does an old-fashioned book reading in a bookstore. Photo by John Lamb via Flickr.

In the past, authors just had to work on the craft of writing and let their publishers figure out the rest. Now, we live in an age where authors have the power to do much more than write; they also market, promote, tweet, Facebook — basically build an online platform for their work and fan base. But what are their best options to reaching an audience today? Should they go the self-publishing route and learn the art of self-promotion as well? Should they concentrate on online promotion and social media? Or should they stick with the traditional route of getting a literary agent and a book publisher to do the heavy lifting? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comments below. And watch a fascinating discussion on the topic on this week’s Mediatwits podcast, with self-published authors Hugh Howey, Darcie Chan and Carla King. And check out our entire in-depth special on “Authors as Entrepreneurs.”

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  • Steve

    What most authors don’t realize is that they have always had to promote their own books, with little help from a publisher. That is true for a dead tree book or an ebook. Unless the author gets the word out . . . it isn’t going to get out. As they say, “if you wink in the dark, you know what you’re doing, but no one else does.”

  • IntenseMediaDotCom

    It’s Very True Steve. I’m a newbie publisher, Sheldon’s Adventure and Cornered! and I thought the hard part was done when I got the book published. I was wrong. The hard part is marketing it. Luckily, the book is now matriculating in Costco. And although we’re not in every store just yet, we’re determined to get the word out. We’re doing as many book signings as possible with the goal to get into every store within three years!