Ever since Google announced it would have a contest for “Google Glass Explorers,” early adopters who would pay $1,500 for the privilege of getting wearable computers, the tech and media world have been agog with the possibilities. First-person viewpoints for breaking news! Instant photos and video on the scene! A heads-up display that will give context to everything we see! But at the same time, there came a deluge of skeptics and haters who started the “Glasshole” movement opposed to scenesters with Glass pasted onto their faces 24 hours a day. While most people have never worn them, Google Glass has insinuated itself into society because of their potential, what they could be, what they shouldn’t be. Where do you stand? Do you think Glass will change journalism and broadcasting? Or is it an annoyance that will go away like previous hyped technologies before it? Share your thoughts in the comments below and vote in our poll. And check out a great discussion by early Glass adopters like Robert Scoble, Sarah Hill, Robert Hernandez and Jeff Jarvis.