What started out as a casual live music conference has grown into something huge. The South by Southwest conference now encompasses music, film and interactive, and spans 10 days in March. Last year, SXSW estimated that the conference brought in 65,200 people to its exhibit space, and pumped a whopping $168 million into the local economy in Austin, Texas. And SXSW has become a breeding ground for new social technologies, such as Twitter in 2007 and geo-location apps in 2010. What’s shiny and new this year? We have a team of MediaShift correspondents on the ground, giving us reports on all three sites all week, from the music and interactive festivals.

SXSW Posts

> At SXSW: Poderopedia, Others Spotlight Civic Media in Latin America by Miguel Paz

> At SXSW, Building Trust with the Penny Press for the Digital Age by Ryan Thornburg

> At SXSW, Austin Alchemy, Creative Culture Lead to Collaboration by Amanda Hirsch

> A Few Tips on Entrepreneurship from SXSW by Sandra Ordonez

> At SXSW Music, Streaming and Engagement Apps Rule by Jason Feinberg

> Mediatwits #42: SXSW Special: Homeless Hotspots; Ambient Apps; CNN/Mashable? podcast co-hosted by Mark Glaser and Rachel Sklar

> Photos: Location, Highlight, Cyborgs Top SXSW 2012’s Buzz List photo essay by Kris Krug

> With the Rise of Streaming Services, Music Biz Pushes for Metrics by Jason Feinberg


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Mark Glaser is executive editor of MediaShift and Idea Lab. He also writes the bi-weekly OPA Intelligence Report email newsletter for the Online Publishers Association. He lives in San Francisco with his son Julian. You can follow him on Twitter @mediatwit.