Here’s the latest 4MR audio report from MediaShift. In this week’s edition, I talk about how the New York Times launches hyper-local sites right as Google’s Tim Armstrong launches hyper-local sites — both in New Jersey. Plus, Hearst says it will develop a new e-reader device like a Kindle, but with a larger, flexible screen, likely coming from E-Ink, in which Hearst is an investor. Also covered is the recent battle between cross-media platform Boxee and Hulu, with Hulu dropping its content deal and Boxee coming up with a work-around. Check it out:

4MR 3-6-09 final.mp3

Background music is “What the World Needs” by the The Ukelele Hipster Kings via PodSafe Music Network

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Here’s a graphical view of last week’s MediaShift survey results:

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