A Holiday Gift

    by Brein McNamara
    December 24, 2008

    Written English Version:

    During this holiday season, many people take the time to reconnect with their family. This is true with deaf people, too.


    Yet for a large number of deaf people, their families are hearing. The majority of interaction is likely to be spoken, and the deaf individual is unavoidably left out of them. This situation is certainly true for me.

    This situation is not to be pitied, but simply is. What this highlights to me is not the barriers inherent here, but the importance in getting through and overcoming them. How communication is utterly important in maintaining the most personal of bonds. And how these ties persist even in spite of such barriers.

    When one looks through the lens of journalism, you can see this example writ large. Instead of family, you look at society. In this sense, Journalism is an act of communication that cuts through the barriers of society, and highlights the importance of the bonds we share in common.


    Within Idealab, people are exploring upon new potentials and dimensions of the journalistic field. But for the holidays, take a moment to stop and consider those close to you. Your efforts mean as much to society as the words you give your loved ones. It is a gift, and an important one.

    Have a happy holidays.

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    One response to “A Holiday Gift”

    1. Brein,

      Thank you for sharing this gift. I remember our conversation about how video presents a situation where deaf people are left out of the conversation. It made me jump to the conclusion that video is a poor medium for the deaf. However, in watching your video with subtitles, I see how video is actually an excellent medium for the deaf. You are able to convey feeling and emotion to the viewer that is not apparent in your text transcript.

      You have shown me the future this morning and I am thrilled to be able to watch you create that future for the deaf and hearing communities. The hearing have much to learn from the deaf about listening. Happy holidays!

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