How are you experiencing the Olympics — TV, streaming video, mobile?

    by Mark Glaser
    August 13, 2008

    This is my first time using Seesmic to ask a Your Take question on MediaShift. You can answer either via Seesmic videos or via text in the comments below.

    NBC announced that its Olympics coverage would be a big laboratory for multi-platform media, giving people thousands of hours of the Games on various TV channels, streaming video online, and on mobile. It’s almost a bombardment of video. So where are you watching so far, and what’s your experience been like? I’ve been relying on DVR-taped viewing on TV, with some online news and Twitter feeds thrown in. What has worked for you, and have you also checked out international feeds online? Share your thoughts in a video or in comments and I’ll highlight the best ones in the next Your Take Roundup.

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    • NBC prime-time broadcast in real time.
      Tried NBCOlympics.com pic in pic and what a joke.
      RSS feeds for non-sports olympic news. (fake fireworks, fake cutie, blue screen of death showing in Bird’s Nest)

    • Like you, I’ve been DVRing, and it’s very empowering. Indoor volleyball, the most exciting Olympic sport? Great, I’ll just fast forward through the ads. Rowing? Fast forward. Badminton or team handball? Excellent, let’s watch. Basketball? Bela Karolyi? Medal ceremony? Fast forward.

      I haven’t bothered with any Web video; the last thing I need is a reason to watch *more* Olympics. I pick up Olympics “news,” such as it is, on the wires at work or in various RSS feeds.

    • Mostly NBC’s evening feed (the live bits). I watch across the HD networks (NBC Hoops / Soccer) along with UHD and USAHD during the day. I’ve watched quite a few video on NBCOlympics.com but I have to note the search function really needs work. There is no order to the results and you’ll find something from the previous night on page 3 and stuff from the Olympic trials on page 1. Confusing (try a search on Phelps). There also was no search option for the Opening Ceremonies or ‘features’ from around China (i.e. non-sports).

      And yes, I was annoyed with your live decision on the ceremony so we also watched CCTV’s coverage via the net (though I later watched the HD broadcast in the evening). I think NBC needs to note Chinese is the 3rd most popular language in the USA and Chinese are very interested in the Olympics. NBC offers 0 services to these people in the US (they should have done a retransmit with CCTV5 on one of NBC’s properties).

    • Been using the BBC’s i-player to watch some bits. Try to catch the Olympic breakfast after going swimming in the morning (although I am by no means a Michael Phelps!) and then watch the highlights show in the evenings while eating dinner. I usually read a few bits on the BBC news website about Britain winning more medals during my lunch break at work. At the weekends I’ll watch live coverage on BBC1.

    • Not at all. If Brazil goes to the volleyball and/or soccer finals, I’ll try to watch that. Otherwise, I’m more interested in what’s going on in Georgia (the country).

    • Sorry, I meant to say “what’s going ON in Georgia…

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