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    by Mark Glaser
    July 31, 2008

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    I just wanted to update readers on changes that are happening here at PBS MediaShift and Idea Lab. In early June, I put out a call for new correspondents and “embeds” to write for MediaShift. I want to add more voices to this blog besides mine, open it up to more ideas and diverse opinions, and get better coverage of areas where I am lacking.

    So far, so good. We’ve had our first embed report from Tim Peek at NBC, and we have a nice group of new regular contributors. However, we’re still looking for more people to contribute as embeds or correspondents. Plus, we’re hiring a managing editor, who would help oversee both MediaShift and Idea Lab. The details on that are below.

    But first, here’s the lineup of embeds and correspondents who are going to be posting on MediaShift in the coming weeks:



    > Tim Peek, NBC
    > Mark van Patten, Daily News in Bowling Green, Ky.
    > Kate Martin, Skagit Valley Herald in Washington state
    > Roland Legrand, MediaFin, De Tijd and L’Echo newspapers in Belgium
    > Alfred Hermida, University of British Columbia journalism school
    > Alana Taylor, New York University journalism student



    > Sokari Ekine, African issues
    > Lucie Morillon, freel speech issues
    > Elle Moxley, Beijing Olympics
    > Jaron Gilinsky, Israel/Middle East issues

    This is a fantastic lineup of people who will be contributing here in the days to come. But we are still looking for people in the following areas:


    > Local TV station
    > Local radio station
    > Magazine
    > PR firm
    > Record label
    > Hollywood studio


    > Online video
    > Digital music
    > Legal issues
    > Mobile media
    > Politics
    > Geographical zones: Asia, South America, Europe, Australia

    Finally, we are looking for someone who can step in and be a managing editor at MediaShift and Idea Lab. Here’s a job description for that:

    Managing Editor at PBS MediaShift & Idea Lab

    This part-time job will include the following duties:

    > Heavy copy-editing and direction on blog posts submitted by a new team of MediaShift correspondents and embeds. This means making sure they get copy in on time, reworking the copy, and helping craft the direction of their work.

    > Light copy-editing and checking of Idea Lab blog. This means checking the blog to make sure writers are following style guide, headlines fit, and top posts are being highlighted.

    > Writing a weekly blog post on MediaShift on a subject within the realm of the blog but of which you are more interested or experienced in covering. That could mean social networking, podcasting, citizen journalism, online video, or any area you feel comfortble covering. Your posts would combine opinion, informed commentary and some reporting, when necessary.

    > Some video editing or audio editing of new multimedia being produced for the blog.

    > Optionally the chance to produce your own video blog posts or audio reports.

    > Other editorial duties as needed on the blog, including monitoring blog posts, coming up with story ideas, helping research stories, and doing blogger outreach for promotion.

    The following experience will be needed to do this job:

    > Writing and/or producing a blog.

    > Working on deadline.

    > Editing other people’s work.

    > Working with other people and enforcing their deadlines.

    The following experience would be helpful:

    > Online promotion and/or marketing.

    > Video/audio production for the web.

    We estimate the job should take up about 20 to 30 hours each week. The pay for this job is $425 per week. We are hoping to hire someone for this position in the next few weeks. It would be ideal work for someone who already has other part-time or freelance work.

    If you are interested in being an embed, a correspondent, or managing editor, please drop me a line via the Feedback Form on the web. Be sure to include links to your resume, your best blog writing, and explain why you would fit well for these positions.

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    2 responses to “MediaShift Looking for Embeds, Correspondents, Managing Editor”

    1. Judy says:

      How come you don’t want a science correspondent? There are several major medical/scientific issues on the political hotburner…at least as important as anything else listed.

    2. Mark, Thanks for having me on your panel. I look forward to writing about my newsroom and reading the discussion that comes out of that.

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