It’s Our Web?

    by Benjamin Melançon
    December 6, 2007

    How about this for a video game? Free Speech TV has put out a short video about the current and threatened enclosure of the Internet:

    Disclosure: The video is produced by Steve Anderson, whose COA News is a client of Agaric Design Collective.


    Some surprising background on the current extent of concentration and tracking supplements the video.

    Ironically, it comes off a little like an ad for the FreeSpeech.org community, but I strongly agree with the premise of online spaces under the control of regular folks, meaning notably open source free software and not legally owned by corporate stockholders.

    I would go farther and say that anything with network effects – the more people who use it, the more valuable it is (see Microsoft Office, MySpace) – must be open in key ways and ideally under some sort of (genuine not government) democratic control. And we who care about this have a responsibility and an opportunity to help make an awesome aggregator under these auspices.


    That’s not in the FreeSpeechTV project, as far as I know, but I’m glad to see them step up to help people claim our web.

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    2 responses to “It’s Our Web?”

    1. Related Content:

      On the subject of controlling our own social networks and online communities…

      LOS ANGELES (AP) — News Corp.’s Fox Entertainment Group has acquired Beliefnet, a Web site catering to faith communities, in a move designed to boost online marketing and distribution of Fox’s film and TV programs.

      (Hat tip Adam Kenner on Action Coalition for Media Education‘s discussion list.)

    2. Paul Lamb says:

      Benjamin: Good spot, and thanks for sharing. You are probably also familiar with http://www.freepress.org/, which does some good work in this space as well.

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