It’s that time of year again. No, not just the new fall TV season. It’s also blog nomination season, when big international groups (and smaller national groups) ask people to submit nominees for the best blogs. In November, I’ll again be a judge for the Best of the Blogs (The BOBs) awards, run by the German’s international broadcaster, Deutsche Welle. While The BOBs does take light-hearted entries, the jury usually pays special attention to blogs that cover serious subject matter, whether that’s related to politics, human rights or personal stories that have universal implications. Last year, the overall Best Blog went to The Sunlight Foundation blog that focuses on Congressional transparency in the U.S.

The BOBs awards blogs and podcasts, but will not accept material that “contain or link to any form of insulting, racist, sexist or in any other way discriminatory or obscene content.” You can submit your nomination here. Plus, the 2007 Weblog Awards will start taking nominations in October, covering more American entries but with some international categories. We also want you to make your case in public: Tell us about the blogs you write or read that deserve a nomination, explain why and include the URL in the comments below. I’ll run a selection of the more interesting nominees in a future installment of Your Take Roundup.