When the Project for Excellence in Journalism (PEJ) released its annual report on The State of the News Media, the response was quick from the blogosphere: “We’ll get back to you on what it all means after we have time to read the 160,000-word report.” I lost count on the number of media watchers who made the same statement. How about a better idea? What if we all submit our own hidden finds from the report in one place, and I’ll report them to everyone. I’ll share mine if you share yours. Here’s the passage that piqued my interest: “Politicians, interest groups and corporate public relations people tell PEJ they have bloggers now on secret retainer — and they are delighted with the results.” So I ask you: What stats or important facts or trends have you learned from the report? Or if you know a blogger on secret retainer, please share your intelligence here. I’ll share the best comments in the next Your Take Roundup.