There are so many ways to avoid advertising now, from pop-up blockers to DVRs, where you can skip through TV commercials. But advertisers are a clever bunch, and they are considering ways to deliver commercial messages to your cell phone. Some ideas include text messages with coupons, or ads that are based on your geo-location. “Hey, you’re near our video store, stop by for a discount!” the ad might chirp. If the ad is not too intrusive, it’s relevant, and it’s useful (and maybe you’d get a discount on your cell service), maybe you would want it. That goes the thinking, but a recent Forrester survey found that 79% of people were annoyed just by the idea of ads on cell phones. What would you do if an ad popped onto your cell phone? Would you change services, or figure out a way to block them? Or would you welcome them if they were more discreet and relevant? Share your thoughts in the comments below and I’ll include the best ones in the next Your Take Roundup.