Top Five Week Forty-Three

    by Mark Glaser
    November 16, 2006
    1. Project Valour IT
      Milbloggers raise $200,000+ to give laptops to injured soldiers
    2. Heil StudiVZ
      German Facebook clone tries Nazi humor
    3. Valleywag of the finger
      Blogger wants to get sued; gets fired instead
    4. Outside.in
      Localized blog aggregator found fire in my area
    5. Al Jazeera English
      Pay-to-watch online strategy a loser
    • FbL

      Thanks so much for highlighting Valour-IT! And the news on the totals is actually even better: the site linked above includes just the preliminary amount. When checks and other donations are counted, we expect we will have raised about $220,000.

    • FbL

      Oops, I forgot the link about the totals (from the project blog): http://valour-it.blogspot.com/2006/11/preliminary-totals.html

    • FbL,
      Thanks for the update. I’ve updated Top 5 with a link to your results and the new number. That’s an amazing project and one I’m very interested in writing more about. Please contact me through the feedback form on the site so I can talk more about this privately with you and perhaps other organizers — and recipients — of the project.

    • Attn: Mark Glaser
      Hi Mark,
      In doing my Patriotic Duty, I am sharing my video tribute honoring our brave American service men and women and their families, this compelling, heartfelt video is touching thousands worldwide please take five minutes to watch: http://www.oursacrifice.net
      Please share this video.
      Thank You
      God Bless
      Mark Reis

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