What weblog or podcast would you nominate for Best of the Blogs?

    by Mark Glaser
    September 7, 2006

    Is there a particular weblog or podcast that you love more than anything? Do you think it deserves some international attention? Now’s your chance to nominate that blog — whether it’s yours or someone else’s — for the Best of the Blogs (The BOBs) awards, put on for the third year by German public media company Deutsche Welle. There are awards given for blogs in 10 different languages, and now they have categories for audio and video podcasts. Plus, award categories include Best Corporate Blog, Blogwurst Award (for wacky subjects) and Reporters Without Borders award for a blog supporting freedom of speech. You can nominate a blog for The BOBs here. But also explain your nomination(s) in the comments below, and I’ll review some of the better ones in next week’s Your Take Roundup. (Full disclosure: I will be judging the English-language blogs.) Nominations close on Sept. 30.

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    • I’m nominating houseblogs.net (full disclosure: I help operate it)

      Reason: It’s a community-driven group blog that tries to address the challenge of finding and tracking good user generated content.

      Anyone can submit and contribute a blog that fits the content guidelines (i.e., home improvement-related). Readers can then select and track their favorite blogs and entries.

      Not a traditional blog, but an example of where user-generated niche blogging is going.

    • Craig Ettinger

      I’m nominating the “Stuck in the 80’s” blog and podcast produced by the pop culture critics from the Tampa/St Petersburg Times.


      Great example of a mainstream media company letting loose its writers to blog/podcast on something they have a personal passion for and expert knowledge in – and its shows in the product

      Podcast includes clips from movies, tv shows and songs that greatly engance the production value of the audio.

      A must-read/listen to for anyone who grew up during the 80’s.

    • Mediashift is fabulous. I also follow truthout.org and commondreams.org

      Thank you for your activist approach to multi-platform support for video. Success! AP and MSNBC support Firefox and Mac! You did it!


    • Jan Smith

      The site Incredible Videos is amazing. Unlike so many video sites that list goofy viral videos, this site has interesting videos and also lists many incredible video sites. http://www.IncredibleVideos.net

    • An environmentalist and humanitist blog.

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