What investigative report would you like to see done?

    by Mark Glaser
    August 28, 2006

    There are a few movements afoot in the academic world to remake investigative journalism. The worry is that as Big Media companies cut back on reporting resources, less investigative work is being done and the Internet should be a place for a new style of in-depth journalism, perhaps combining professionals and amateurs. One such project is NewAssignment.net, led by NYU’s Jay Rosen and funded in part by Craig Newmark of Craigslist. Another project is the sprawling News21 initiative by five journalism schools and the Carnegie and Knight foundations. (Much more on that later at MediaShift…) But Rosen has put out the call — what ideas do you have for investigative reports? What do you think journalists should cover more in-depth? The oil industry? The government? Rising university tuitions? Share your ideas in the comments below, and I’ll send them along to Rosen and others to consider — plus, you’ll get showcased in next week’s Your Take Roundup.

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    • Marjorie Coughlin

      I would really like to know more about the way information was used to promote the war in Iraq. People in the CIA and FBI took the fall but there was a definite slant put on the information as it was presented to Congress and the public. Was it for the oil? Was it the start of a religious war? What is the hidden agenda of the current administration behind the war in Iraq?

    • I would like to see more investigative reports on companies in the biotech industry and other industries where we know wrongdoing is going on, but nobody will report on it for fear of being sued. Ever since the covered up Tampa Fox report of Monsanto secretly shooting up milk cows with rBGH hormones, I haven’t seen an investigative report worth watching or reading about — because investigators and their corporate parents are too worried about being sued.

    • School principals often rule over their staff as if the school property were their fiefdom. I’d like to see an investigation into school principals who are routinely verbally abusive of their staff. This investigation might include public comments school principals have made — in a section of the report titled, “In their own words…” Sometimes fact can be stranger than fiction.

    • lorenzo

      would like to see a report on bushs illegal spying on the american public,also a reopening of the 911 investigation

    • Bill

      Please investigate the use of steroids in golf.

    • I think we need closer investigation of the storage and use of registration and clickstream data generated by internet users. Our online behavior tells a story about us, and by now most people know that story is preserved on servers and databases. Questions: Who owns the data? Where’s it being kept? How long is it being kept? What’s it being used for? What might it be used for some day? How does this compare with the ways data has always been used in the offline world of print subscriptions and direct marketing?

    • The U.S. State Department says it has been cooperating with the private sector and NGOs on “public diplomacy” efforts abroad. At the same time, top officials of the foreign broadcasting have been moving back and forth between the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and State’s foreign broadcasting service — most notably this Bush Ranger fellow who’s now in hot water for misuse of funds.

      Should we be concerned about a blurring of lines between domestic broadcasting and foreign propaganda broadcasting? What NGOs and private firms are working with State? And what are they doing? Are they surreptiously promoting specific items on this administration’s policy agenda?

      What role do private-sector lobbying groups — many of the BBG are lobbyists and political marketers and media consultants — play in this process?

      This question acquires additional urgency given various findings by the GAO that the current administration has placed “news releases” and paid op-eds in the public media without acknowledging their role as the source and producer of those materials.

    • Zach,
      There is a recent investigative report done by fellows at Northwestern University in the News21 program (big post coming on that today) on the topic of data trails. It goes beyond online data and includes real-world data like surveillance cameras and credit card purchases.


    • I think truly inventive journalism in this century finally needs to take a critical look at the issues of CURRENCY, and its near-relative, PROPERTY VALUES.

      This week some sparsely identified banking-insurance conglom bought Stuyvesant Town, in Lower Manhattan for 5 billion dollars.

      Every organized housing group in the city has opposed this for the last twenty years.

      The old-school journalists, all looking for sentimental, human-interest sound-bytes, from the New York Times, to the Daily News, all rushed out to get quotes from the old Worker Reform-era, Union Socialists, and Crimean War Veterans, about how this will impact on their generally protected rights to remain in their apartments.

      Admittedly, however, and, truly by the Grace of the Most High God, the majority of these Seniors will not be thrown to the streets.

      What nobody wants to talk about in this overpriced republic, however, is the IMPACT on all these zillion dollar real estate transactions on WORLD ECONOMICS.

      Massive, and undisclosed, numbers of overpriced stores, buildings, and rental units, remain discretely empty. Money from big money transactions are shifted around in consummation of various international deals, related to guns, kidnappings, war materials, energy production, and political management– worldwide.

      I know for a fact that blue-tag prep schoolers from “distinguished” families do NOT discuss these matters outside very discrete circles. However, what about the rest of us?

      This kind of thing is ignored on network newscasts, for the most part; and is seldom heard on the “Public” stations either. But don’t American people have some alternatives to this, considering we are losing our jobs, retirement benefits, and so-called CREDIT STANDINGS?

      I thought the Federal Courts disallowed government snooping. I am also under the impression that Senator Joe McCarthy died several decades ago!

      Consequently, I really wonder what us so-called “writers” are afraid of.

      Can any reader here answer me?

    • Mike

      Ever notice that our country, and our world are getting older? The lack of a system to care for people with chronic illnesses, and there are more and more every day, threatens our entire public health and health care systems. Yet, no one seems to notice when the government cuts funding for education of health care workers in geriatrics, or that Medicare cuts and the Medicare drug benefit (Part D) shell game hurt the people who need it most. Let’s hear what journalists dig up from the politicians too scared to face the tough decisions that need to be made to keep Medicare and Social Security solvent. And, let’s hear from the people – older people living at home, in assisted living, and in nursing homes. What do the caregivers, spouses and adult kids, family friends and neighbors, have to say about the challenges and rewards of providing care for their loved ones? How will technology affect the ways the Baby Boomers age and use health care services? These realities are inescapable, and it is time for all of us to face the future, or should I say, the present.

    • I’m late to joining this conversation, but here’s my idea:

      There was much consternation about electronic voting in some quarters after the 2004 election. Were the results manipulated? Do the machines record votes properly? Can someone hack into the machines and change results later? etc. etc.

      What voting machinery you use depends on where you live, by and large. Local governments generally have the final say on what type of machine you will use. After the 2000 election mess, Congress approved billions to help states and local governments acquire updated machines.

      So here’s the project: Let’s build a database to identify what voting machines are in use in every precinct in the nation. That will be our baseline data set, from which we can attempt specific reporting projects after the 2006 midterm elections.

      Thoughts folks?

    • chuck cosby

      No profanity or personal attacks.

      Please comment on the subject of the blog post itself.

      If you do not follow these rules, we will remove your post. Keep it civil, folks!

      None of the above stipulations seems like a free media to me. How can you speak of the devil and evil people without attacking them personally?

      For the journalist from Zambezi I understand his plight but I hope that he knows that the American media is just as controlled as his but at a different degree and level. Networks can band songs of peace, boycott the Dixie Chick, or band interracial love scenes. I look more to Reuters, the BBC, and AlJazerra for facts than I do to the American media.

      As an African American when I watch America’s media representation of the News on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, FOX, etc it rarely jives with reality and nearly always leaves me unsatisfied. I can only see corporate control stations spinning Caucasian Americans version of local, national, and world events.

      All the networks in unison sold Bushs lies about WMDs, and they are still trying to sell Bush as competent. According to the networks, Michel Jackson was guilty, all the people cut from welfare are doing just fine, and America has full employment, all that want to work can find work?

      The American press is only as free as it corporate bosses allows it to be.

    • J. Robert Sigurdson

      I am curious about 3 things and believe they warrant investigation.

      1. Homeland Security (HS)

      One would reasonably believe that border security is a responsibility of HS and assumably a priority. Yet after 3 and half years time, HS has put forth no thoughtful & comprehensive border security plan. Why is that?

      2. Nightline & 2 FBI agents.

      Within a month or two of 9/11, 2 FBI agents appeared on Nightline (90% certain of the news show). They both said they were told by their superiors to end surveillance of several 9/11 hijackers taking flying lessons. What happened to the 2 FBI agents. Did they retire? Do they have any additional information/ comments regarding 9/11?

      3. Approximately 4 to 6 months before the Iraq invasion, an Israeli military official stated something like, “Iraq poses no imminent threat…” Given that Israel and the US are close allies, one would believe that Israel would have shared this assessment of Iraq with the US. Please identify source, the exact comment made, and ideally, ask the military official if this assessment was shared with the Bush Administration.

      J. Robert Sigurdson

    • Deborah LIVINGSTON

      What is the status of reparations for African-Americans. The Black Farmers and Agriculturalist Association was representing some African-Americans but their efforts seem to have faded into oblivion. Tax credits were attempted by some people, but that is illegal. Some reparations have been paid, but this seems to be top secret. I REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE STATUS OF ALL OF THIS IS!!!

    • Robert Sorbet

      I am extremely dissapointed in the way in which news is presented. There is not a doubt in my mind that every source of news that comes my way has an agenda, or is simply some weird poltical trial balloon to help some political entity. I am not well served by any of the print, internet, or broadcast media. I do not consider myself informed. This is a failure of the journalist class. I dont expect
      the situation to get better until journalist get better at doing their job. News used to be about “facts’ who, what when, where, and maybe why. Now it is about unnamed sources, cronyism with politicians, or their hack organizations.
      editorializing the news. I am disgusted.

    • Bill Eblin

      I would like to see more investigations into surveilance issues. The NSA is only the tip of the iceberg. The people who actually test out the equipment (before it gets to the NSA)for large Government and Military defense contractors like Lockheed Martin have no checks and balances. Yet, these contractors, who sometimes have no secret or top secret clearances, have access to all this high tech equipment to do with what they want, which includes picking innocent persons and then spying on them, in addition to harrassing them electronically. Sometimes for years.

      There are thousands in the US (I’m one of them) and abroad who are stalked electronically with high tech “See through the wall” satellite technollogy, followed in their cars, gang stalked by these people and physically and mentally tortured by these so called “contractors”. And to make matters worse, the contractors are getting paid with our tax dollars to do this sort of crime to anyone they choose.

      It’s been going on for years, but only recently have more people gotten on the internet and been able to come together with others who have had the same thing happen to them either currently or in the past. One electronic harrassment site for victims, http://www.mindcontrolforums.com, has over 500 victims and their stories from electronic stalking perpetrators. Another one, in the yahoo groups mcforums, has over 450 active people who tell their stories daily about their current situations of electronic harrassment.

      Most victims feel that the Government, FBI, CIA, or the NSA are doing it to them. That may be the case for some of them, but I feel those agencies would have bigger fish to fry with all the international terrorism in the world. What I’m talking about is domestic terrorism, done by Americans to Americans for no other reason than to “Get Off on it”, as my perpetrators have told me as to why they do it.
      Plus, I was conveinent and easy to set up for them. Gee, why go hunting for a victim when you can use your next door neighbor to look through his walls and spy on him, then torture him physically and mentally and make him look like a head case after he reports it to authorities.

      No one talks about gang stalking and electronic harrassment in the news, ecspecially with the high tech methods involved, but let me say this much, it could happen to you or one of your loved ones.

    • MJ

      I would like to know how state representatives and members of congress are using tax payers dollers. Is our money benefiting the American people or just the rich and special interest groups? Why is Hugo Chaves giveng heating oil at a discount to help the poor, is’nt that the job of our government to help it’s people? Where is all the Katrina disaster funds really going? Who’s hands are being laced befor the money ment to help the victims of Katrina reaches the victims? Who is all responsible for holding up the building process of the Freedom Towers, its been five years and nothing’s been done? Why do thay vote on there own pay raises and seem to not get nothing accomplished?

    • Hello there.

      I would like to see a report done on the shift from physical violence in some areas of society to psychological violence. Eg. In recent years workplace bullying has finally started to get the attention that it deserves, however psychological harassment such as workplace mobbing and community harassment known as gang stalking have gotten very limited attention.

      I am especially concerned about citizen gang stalking and mobbing because they are responsible for the suicide of many individuals in society every year, yet little is known about them.

      I would love to see a report educating the public that these are growing problems and I would love to know sites like yours were taking ownership in getting this information normalised in society.

      If you are not familiar with either subject, you can visit sites like, http://mobbing-usa.com and http://www.mobbing.ca also to find out more about gang stalking visit http://www.gangstalking.ca or http://www.gangstalkingworld.com

      Both are psychological attacks that can leave a victim or target fully immobilized and unable to function in society, both are happening more and more, and yet very little attention is being paid. I would like to see your site used as a vehicle to change that for the better.

      Thanks for reading.

    • Gangstalking
      Electronic Assault
      Lethal Bullying
      Directed Energy Weapons

      Toronto / Ontario / Canada


      Gerry Duffett

    • I would also not mind seeing an investigation into the new Cointelpro that is happening.

      http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/WO0609/S00610.htm Several months ago it was revealed that a new investigation into cointelpro might be reopened.

      Representative Cynthia McKinney http://www.cynthiaforcongress.com/ introduced HRES 1026 IH to Congress stating, A look back at the Nixon era Tom Charles Houston plan, referred to as fascist by Congressional investigators, shows us it is being implemented in full since 9/11. Congress has a responsibility to open oversight hearings into the new abuses as well as their historical context, and to acknowledge and give relief to its victims then and now.

      I would also not mind seeing a look at the modern day McCarthyism that is also said to be happening since 9-11. http://progressive.org/newmccarthyism

      Cointelpro http://www.aztlan.net/covert.html was a government program to disrupt dissedent and activists of the 50,60,70’s. Targets of this program included Matin Luther King Jr, and members of other social movements.

      They were harassed, unfairly imprisoned, their families, friends, neighbours, employers, landlords, were used against them.

      They had slander campaigns, phones bugged, mail interfared with and a whole whack of other dirty tricks used.

      Some were killed because of this program other driven to suicide. Many were faulsly imprisioned with the help of the government, and are still there today.

      The program was believed to have ended in 1970 when it was exposed, but now it seems that it just went underground, and has been used continually, with a huge resurgance since 9/11.

      Also just like before many could be targets of this harassment and not realise it. Last time the government had the help of media, churches, local groups, etc.

      The government also had lot’s of fake agents pretending to be activist, and they were basically there to disrupt these groups and cause harm to targets. This is just as true now as it was then.

      We also have lot’s of disinformation being spread to try to draw attention away from these programs.

      I think it’s great that this is going to be reopened, and I think this would be a wonderful and legitimate investigation to conduct. It would be relavant to so many people and it has a long ranging history still affecting many.

      Please email me if you decide to cover this investigation.


    • mary stueck

      Regarding electronic torture please see http://www.us-government-torture.com

      This is a imformative site.

    • I would like for you to focus on Banning Space Weapons. They are using microwave and electromagnetic weapons and voice to skull technology to torture possibly millions of people. The US is the only country who opposes banning space weapons because they use it to slowly kill you or to commit suicide. They have admitted to using direct energy weapons in Iraq.

    • Please investigate allegations that directed energy weapons(microwave,electromagnetic,radio frequency, acoustic,infrasound,laser)are being used to physically and mentally assault unwitting, non-consenting private citizens in their homes, workplaces, in public,continuously,round the clock for years. This is a situation that should be investigated as to who is doing this, why is it being done, and how is it being done.

      Thank you

    • Survivor

      I would like to see the subject of illegal surveillance and electronic harassment of innocent citizens by extreme hate groups.
      Gangstalking is happening all over the world,especially in G8 countries.
      Wishing all targets strength!

    • Hello there.

      I would also like to see an investigation done into the fact that some elements of our community based policing initiatives, which are happening all over the world, are being used in what we online are calling gang stalking.

      Savvy law enforcement types realized that under the community policing rubric,
      cops, community groups, local companies, private foundations, citizen informants
      and federal agencies could form alliances without causing public outcry. Covert
      Action Quarterly, summer 1997.

      This means that not only have organisations like the FBI, RCMP, CSIS, under Intellegence based policing shown the local police how to do some of the spy work in gathering information, but then the local police is working with communities, and the above listed groups, and they in turn are using their interconnected patroling to harass certain individuals, wither legit or not.

      I would like to see an investigation into how this is being abused, and why the police are not doing anything about the abuse.

    • eshcatology

      Like some other individuals who have answered your query, I would like to see an investigation done on:

      * Gangstalking/Mobbing
      * Harassment via electronic devices
      * Experimentation on human subjects using various electronic devices and weaponry

      Here are some leads:

      Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace
      By Dr. Noa Davenport, Ruth Distler Schwartz, Gail Pursell Elliott
      Copyright 1999
      ISBN 0-9671803-0-9
      Civil Society Publishing
      P.O. Box 1663
      Ames, … Iowa
      USA ….. 50010-1663

      Stalking the Soul – Emotional Abuse and the Erosion of Identity By Marie-France Hirigoyen
      Helen Marx Books
      ISBN 1-885586-53-1

      Silent Subliminal Presentation System, US Patent #5,159,703, Oliver Lowery, October 27, 1992. A silent communications system in which non-aural carriers in the very low or very high audio-frequency range, or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum, are amplitude-modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally for inducement into the brain.

      Hearing System, US Patent #4,877,027, Wayne Brunkan, October 31, 1989. A method for directly inducing sound into the head of a person, using microwaves in the range of 100 MHz to 10,000 MHz, modulated with a waveform of frequency- modulated bursts.

      Psycho-Acoustic Projector, US Patent #3,568,347, Andrew Flanders, February 23, 1971. A system for producing aural psychological disturbances and partial deafness in the enemy during combat situations.

      Noise Generator and Transmitter, US Patent #4,034,741, Guy Adams and Jess Carden, Jr, July 12, 1977. An analgesic noise-generator.

      Method and System for Altering Consciousness, US Patent #5,123,899, James Gall, June 23, 1992. A system for altering the states of human consciousness involving the use of simultaneous application of multiple stimuli, preferably sounds, having differing frequencies.

      Subliminal Message Generator, US Patent #5,270,800, Robert Sweet, December 14, 1993. A combined subliminal and supraliminal message generator for use with a television receiver; permits complete control of subliminal messages and their presentation. Also applicable to cable television and computers.

      Superimposing Method and Apparatus Useful for Subliminal Messages, US Patent #5,134,484, Joseph Wilson, July 28, 1992. Method of changing a person’s behavior.

      US Patent #4,717,343, Alan Densky, January 5, 1988. A method of conditioning a person’s unconscious mind in order to effect desired change in the person’s behavior, and which does not require the services of a trained therapist.

      Auditory Subliminal Message System and Method, US Patent #4,395,600, Rene Lundy and David Tyler, July 26, 1983. An amplitude-controlled subliminal message may be mixed with background music.

      Auditory Subliminal Programming System, US Patent #4,777,529, Richard Schultz and Raymond Dolejs, October 11, 1988.

      Apparatus for Inducing Frequency Reduction in Brain Wave, US Patent #4,834,70l, Kazumi Masaki, May 30, 1989.

      Ultrasonic Speech Translator and Communication System, US Patent #5,539,705, M. A. Akerman, Curtis Ayers, Howard Haynes, July 23, 1996. A wireless communication system, undetectable by radio-frequency methods, for converting audio signals, including human voice, to electronic signals in the ultrasonic frequency range, transmitting the ultrasonic signal by way of acoustic pressure waves across a carrier medium, including gases, liquids and solids, and reconverting the ultrasonic acoustic pressure waves back to the original audio signal. This invention was made with government support under Contract DE-ACO5-840R2l400, awarded by the US Department of Energy to Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc.

      Non-Audible Speech Generation Method and Apparatus, US Patent #4,821,326, Norman MacLeod, April 11, 1989.

      Apparatus for Electrophysiological Stimulation, US Patent #4,227,516, Bruce Meland and Bernard Gindes, October 14, 1980.

      Method and Recording for Producing Sounds and Messages to Achieve Alpha and Theta Brainwave States and Positive Emotional States in Humans, US Patent #5,352,181, Mark Davis, October 4, l994.

      Method and Apparatus for Translating the EEG into Music to Induce and Control Various Psychological and Physiological States and to Control a Musical Instrument, US Patent #4,883,067, Knispel et. al., November 28, 1989.

      Method of and Apparatus for Inducing Desired States of Consciousness, US Patent #5.356,368, Robert Monroe, October 18, 1994. Improved methods and apparatus for entraining human brain patterns, employing frequency-following-response (FFR) techniques and facilitating attainment of desired states of consciousness.

      Method of Inducing Mental. Emotional and Physical States of Consciousness, including Specific Mental Activity, in Human Beings, US Patent #5,213,562, Robert Monroe, May 25, 1993.

      Device for the Induction of Specific Brain Wave Patterns, US Patent #4,335,710, John Williamson, June 22, 1982. Brainwave patterns associated with relaxed and meditative states in a subject are gradually induced without deleterious chemical or neurologic side effects.

      Method and Apparatus for Repetitively Producing a Noise-like Audible Signal, US Patent #4,191,175, William Nagle, March 4, 1980.

      Apparatus for the Treatment of Neuropsychic and Somatic Diseases with Heat, Light, Sound and VHF Electromagnetic Radiation, US Patent #3,773,049, L. Y. Rabichev, V. F. Vasiliev, A. S. Putilin, T. G. Ilina, P. V. Raku and L. P. Kemitsky, November 20, 1973.

      Non-Invasive Method and Apparatus for Modulating Brain Signals through an External Magnetic or Electric Field to Reduce Pain, US Patent #4,889,526, Elizabeth Rauscher and William Van Bise, December 26, 1989.

      Nervous System Excitation Device, US Patent #3,393,279, Gillis Patrick Flanagan, July 16, 1968. A method of transmitting audio information via a radio frequency signal modulated with the audio info through electrodes placed on the subject’s skin, causing the sensation of hearing the audio information in the brain.

      Method and System for Simplifying Speech Waveforms, US Patent #3,647,970, G. Patrick Flanagan, March 7, 1972. A complex speech waveform is simplified so that it can be transmitted directly through earth or water as a waveform and understood directly or after amplification.

      Means for Aiding Hearing, US Patent #2,995,633, Henry Puharich and Joseph Lawrence, August 8, 1961. Means for converting audible signals to electrical signals and conveying them to viable nerves of the facial system.

      Means for Aiding Hearing by Electrical Stimulation of the Facial Nerve System, US Patent #3,170,993, Henry Puharich, February 23, 1965.
      Hearing Device, US Patent #4,858,612, Philip Stocklin, August 22, 1989. A method and apparatus for simulation of hearing in mammals by introduction of a plurality of microwaves into the regions of the auditory cortex.

      Thank you
      from Stockton, CA

    • james

      check millivision.com and american technology.com and raven.com ect….

    • Liz

      Yes, please investigate gang stalking!

      The processes used by the gang stalkiers are mapped out into a recognizable pattern and the only weapon we have against them is Exposure.

      Thank you to the person above who wished all targets strength. Strength back at ya!!!

      Thank you to Media Shift for asking the right kinds of questions. Bless you. WE do need help.

    • Please consider doing a show on workplace bullying, a phenomenon that has deeply penetrated our society which is largely undealt with, since the 1964 Civil Rights act does not apply in cases where the bullying is status blind. Schoolyard bullies grow up and enter the workforce. It is being recognized at local levels but has not yet been addressed at the State or Federal level. The City of Berkeley adopted an anti-bullying proclamation last year, and the City/County of San Francisco adopted an anti-bullying resolution in February of this year. Please review the websites bullyfreeworkplace.org, bullybusters.org, and bullyinginstitute.org to begin your research. Thank you, Michelle Smith, M.A. Ed.

    • Gerry Duffett

      Sonoma University

      Electromagnetic Weapons

      Radiowaves As Weapons

      This report makes references to the U.S. Intelligence Community or the U.S. Government.

      I don’t think thats the “big” problem.

      Looks like this is some type of “worldwide” problem.

      I am now researching laws in Canada.

      “Project Censored”

      Microwave Weapons

      Electronic Harassment

      A Study of the History of US Intelligence Community Human Rights Violations and Continuing Research in “Electromagnetic Weapons.”

      Located here :



      “Print out” .pdf file

      Completed December 2006

      Sonoma State University

      Project Censored

      Media Freedom Foundation

      Peter Philips

      Lew Brown

      Bridget Thorton


      Gerry Duffett

      14-4218 Lawrence Ave E Box 218
      Scarborough Ontario
      Canada M1E4X9

      [email protected]
      [email protected]



    • Gerry Duffett

      New Book

      “Cause Stalking”

      David Lawson

      Groups consider themselves to be “investigators” who are “gathering information” to be used to “lay charges” against the target.

      A typical “police investigation” lasts a “few days.”

      An investigation by a “private investigator” may last a “month” and it may involve being followed around by “two or three people.”

      The “investigations” conducted by “extremist groups” against “individuals” can last for “decades” and involve “hundreds of investigators”.

      Some “extremist leaders” say that what they do is essentially what “investigative journalists” do, but they don’t mention the “harassment, “break-ins”, or “property damage.”

      Their M.O. is :


      2 Villify

      3 Nullify

      4 Destroy

      This book is a guide for victims on how to get rid of these people.

      About the Author

      David Lawson is a Florida-based Private Investigator who works cause stalking cases.

      “Cause Stalking”

      David Lawson

      ISBN-10: 0970309252
      ISBN-13: 978-0970309259


      http://www.websitetoolbox.com/tool/view/mb/file?username=whosara t&id=327227

      Scrambling News

      378 Northlake Blvd.
      North Palm Beach, Florida
      United States 33408



      Gerry Duffett

      Toronto / Ontario / Canada

    • Gerry Duffett

      Laws / Electromagnetic Weapons

      Who’s talking about “TASERS” ???

      These are not “TASERS” !!!

      Electronic and Electromagnetic Devices
      Directed Energy Weapon’s
      Deadly Electronic Weapons.
      Microwave Harassment.
      Pulse Modulated Microwave Weapons



      Title 17-A: Maine Criminal Code.
      Part 2: Substantive offenses.
      Chapter 41: Criminal use of explosives and related crimes.
      1004. Criminal use of electronic weapon.


      2. As used in this section, “electronic weapon” means a portable device or weapon from which an electrical current, impulse, wave or beam may be directed, which current, impulse, wave or beam is designed to have a disabling effect upon human beings.

      “CURRENT” is “TASER”

      What is “IMPULSE, WAVE or BEAM” ???



      Chapter 170 Of The Acts of 2004


      Section 131J. No person shall possess a portable
      device or weapon from which an electrical current,
      impulse, wave or beam may be directed, which current,
      impulse, wave or beam is designed to incapacitate
      temporarily, injure or kill.

      “CURRENT” is “TASER”.

      What is “IMPULSE, WAVE or BEAM” ????


      MICHIGAN STATE LAW / 2003-0256


      (k) “Harmful electronic or electromagnetic device”
      means a device designed to emit or radiate or that, as
      a result of its design, emits or radiates an
      electronic or electromagnetic pulse, current, beam,
      signal, or microwave that is intended to cause harm to
      others or cause damage to, destroy, or disrupt any
      electronic or telecommunications system or device,
      including, but not limited to, a computer, computer
      network, or computer system.

      “CURRENT” is “TASER”.



      That’s 3 states, Michigan, Massachusetts and Maine in the United States that acknowledge the existence of “Deadly Electronic Weapons”

      I am now trying to find laws for Canada.

      These exsist on the steet ???

      Scary stuff !!!


      Gerry Duffett

      14-4218 Lawrence Ave E Box 218
      Scarborough Ontario
      Canada M1E4X9

      [email protected]
      [email protected]



    • Kathy Hermes

      I would like to see an investigation into workplace bullying and the legislation of 16 states that have tried to pass it. In what has become a famous case Carizzo Plain National Monument Manager Marlene Braun killed herself due to it and I have hear from government and state workers frequently about their own stories. It seems to run very deep in the federal gov’t since the Bush admin took over. It is a problem that faces Americans everyday and it is political as well as personal. The proposed laws should be debated and well-aired.

    • Gerry Duffett

      From Mostafa Hosny


      This is the final draft.

      I will email it tonight to the UN.

      Deadly Electronic Weapons

      Radio Waves As Weapons

      Thanks to Dr. Duncan, John Finch and all others who assisted in improving the draft.

      Petitions Unit
      United Nations Council on Human Rights
      Geneva, Switzerland.

      Group Complaint

      We the undersigned have suffered or are suffering from strange and similar symptoms. There is no physical or mental illness that can cause all of the symptoms indicated below.

      But there is a technology (neurological weapons, radio-frequency weapons) that can.

      The human body is an electrochemical system: anything that disturbs the electrical impulses of the nervous system will affect body function and behaviour.

      We the undersigned would like to draw your attention to this extreme criminality.

      There is massive secrecy regarding this horrendous matter.


      Sleep Disturbance

      Forced or Artificial Dreams

      Auditory Effects (sounds, noises etc.)


      Muscle Spasms

      Muscle Cramps

      Burning sensations

      Tingling sensations

      Runny Nose when interacting with people (unexplained by ENT, Internal Medicine & Allergy specialists)


      Flu like Symptoms


      Blurred Vision

      False Heart Attacks

      Sexual abuse using the technology

      Hot and Cold Flashes

      Other Symptoms of a similar nature

      Based on the above, this is a formal request to the UN Council on Human Rights to assist in halting these activities violating international norms of behaviour and international obligations of the countries mentioned.

      We do understand the United States of America did not sign the Optional Protocol of the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

      Nevertheless, we believe the American people should not be subjected to these gross violations of human rights.

      On Behalf of the Group

      Mostafa Hosny
      111 Riverside Dr. East, Unit 209
      Windsor Ontario Canada N9A 2S6

      Tel. (519) 991 7461


      Please find listed the names and citizenship of individuals filing the complaint.

      Mostafa Hosny – Canada – File: G/SO 215/51 CAN (GEN)

      David Smith – Canada

      Gerry Duffett – Canada

      John Finch – UK & Australia

      Jennifer Berkemeier – UK & Germany

      Dr. Robert Duncan – USA Ph.D. Artificial Intelligence from Harvard University & Formerly Defence Scientist with the US government

      Derrick Robinson – USA – Formerly with the National Security Agency

      Adam Tamble – USA

      Julie Gilliam – USA

      Aaron Avalos – USA

      Belinda Council – USA

      Kelly Rasmussen – USA

      Leslie Crawford – USA

      Melody Mineo – USA

      Bruno Marchesani – USA

      Rosario Householder – USA

      Kevin Bruno – USA

      David Beach – USA

      Margo Tilton – USA

      Krissi Stull – USA

      Kathleen Francis – USA

      Mimi Mhamood (& son Haroon) – USA

      Mary Stueck – USA

      Melissa Sanderson – USA

      Annyce Amtzen – USA

      Delly Pelc – USA

      Ton Hoogeboom – Netherlands

      Walter Madliger – Switzerland

      Theodor Krcmar – Croatian residing in Germany

      Karlheinz Croissant – Germany

      Waldemar Lotz – Germany

      Gabrielle Altendorf – Germany

      Swetlana Schunin – Germany

      Dimitri Schunin – Germany

      Sergej Schunin – Germany

      Sergej (jun.) Schunin – Germany

      Monika Stoces – Belgium

      Jean Verstraeten – Belgium

      Johan Heller – Sweden


      On Behalf of the Group

      Mostafa Hosny

      111 Riverside Dr. East, Unit 209
      Windsor Ontario Canada N9A 2S6

      Tel. (519) 991 7461



      Gerry Duffett

      14-4218 Lawrence Ave E Box 218
      Scarborough Ontario
      Canada M1E4X9

      [email protected]

      [email protected]



    • jenn

      Gang stalking is growing in the United States and is a taboo subject because people who are not already targeted are afraid of being attacked. These are gangs that happen to use elctronic weapons instead of knives and guns. Most of the electronic waepons are old technology. The millimeter wave has been around for quite some time and is used in some airports to look through luggage without having to open it. I do not believe these groups have any government backing but the government turns its head on the problem because these electronic weapons (heat ray gun, etc)are being used by our military and they do not want them banned.

    • With the increase of Americans falling victim to Canadian fraudsters and cross border fraud we are asking for an investigation into the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) failure to protect investors or to prosecute perpetrators of fraud and other financial crime.

      Recently Canadian (or former) Conrad Black has been found guilty in the United States. Livent is also being investigated.

      The OSC has recently failed to find the former Bre-X chief geologist and vice chairman guilty of anything and has allowed him to escape with the loot while investors in the mining scam of the century are left on their own.

      Even Canada’s Finance Minister Hon. James Flaherty has said the lack of enforcement is an embarassment to the Canadian Government and calls for a national regulator.

      The Small Investor Protection Association has joined with the United Senior Citizens of Ontario and the National Pensioners and Senior Citizens Federation to submit an 80 page report to the Ontario Ombudsman asking for an investigation of the OSC.

      Stan Buell
      President Small Investor Protection Association

    • taking the 5th…

      i would like to see investigation on workplace mobbing.

    • catherine

      Recently and still am a victim of this technology. reside in ontario. Investigated, based on absolutely lack of evidence. I am currently a victim of mind control, as I gather enough evidence and make contact, I plan on presenting my case in the future. Keep up the good work. Will keep a close eye on this site and make contact in close future thank u for letting me know I am not alone, and not crazy.

    • Vanessa von Struensee

      Please do a story on gang stalking, covert harassment, cause or vigilante stalking. Gloria Naylor, an award winning author, has written many books on it-one entitled 1996. Read about Catherine Austin Fitts and Solari.com on Wikipedia. Read THE SWAT LIST: AUDITS, INVESTIGATIONS, INQUIRIES, LEAKS, CONFLICTS OF INTEREST, HARASSMENT AND SURVEILLANCE. I have suffered a form of this harassment from at least 1985. Please research it. It is a public mental health crisis.

    • Vanessa von Struensee

      Please do a story on gang stalking, covert harassment, cause or vigilante stalking. Gloria Naylor, an award winning author, has written many books on it-one entitled 1996. Read about Catherine Austin Fitts and Solari.com on Wikipedia. Read THE SWAT LIST: AUDITS, INVESTIGATIONS, INQUIRIES, LEAKS, CONFLICTS OF INTEREST, HARASSMENT AND SURVEILLANCE. I have suffered a form of this harassment from at least 1985. Please research it. It is a public health crisis. It is a form of elite capture. with the empirical advances
      in recent years, nowadays we do have a growing body of cross-country evidence showing that (controlling for other determinants) countries with inadequate rule of law end up with this Furthermore, , there is also recent work quantifying the ways elite capture the state
      (including the judiciary/legal system) in many countries, and the enormous socio-economic costs that such capture brings In all cases cited the data suggests that civil liberties, voice and accountability matter significantly to mitigate elite capture,corruption and
      misgoverned rule of law. Apply Daniel Kauffman’s work at the World Bank.

    • I would like somebody to put a stop to elctronic slow kill weapons. Also known as Electronic harassment. There are many people who have been targeted by this ugly evil. It seems nobody wants to take this problem seriously. Organizied crime is using this weapon to commit the “Perfect Crime”. So many people are bing torture that if the truth ever got out, there would be a major panic in this country. The technology is very high tech one of the ways to deliver this to a poor unsuspecting soul in through satellite. These satellites can track where ever you go. What they do is try to introduce and illness so it looks like you died of nature causes. But believe me there is nothing natural about this horriable weapon. It is torture 7/24. Take the time to educate your self. You will be shocked.

      Phil J

    • I would like somebody to put a stop to elctronic slow kill weapons. Also known as Electronic harassment. There are many people who have been targeted by this ugly evil. It seems nobody wants to take this problem seriously. Organizied crime is using this weapon to commit the “Perfect Crime”. So many people are bing torture that if the truth ever got out, there would be a major panic in this country. The technology is very high tech one of the ways to deliver this to a poor unsuspecting soul in through satellite. These satellites can track where ever you go. What they do is try to introduce an illness so it looks like you died of nature causes. But believe me there is nothing natural about this horriable weapon. It is torture 7/24. Take the time to educate your self. You will be shocked.

      Phil J

    • Stephen Dalrymple

      I would like to see an in-depth investigation of the use of the 1099-C by credit card companies (and others). I believe the fraudulent use of this device is costing the government millions in unpaid taxes.

    • Margaret

      What about mobbing and gangstalking, do you have any information about this?

    • Tom T.

      I join the chorus here of innocent, law-abiding citizens who are being electronically harassed and stalked anonymously. What to the uninitiated is fantasy, delusion, and science fiction is to the targeted victim a daily reality. I am under the care of a psychiatrist in order to cope with this terror, and he emphatically and unreservedly concludes that I am being harassed, not suffering from mental illness.

      It’s time for serious investigative efforts to uncover this stunningly effective covert quasi-governmental reign of terror. The sick individuals perpetrating these crimes obviously have decades of psychological warfare research, availability of high technology, and a keen understanding of mob behavior on their side. Most of what they perpetrate is beyond the ability of common folks to comprehend, and thus the victims seldom get the benefit of a doubt.

      I believe these days will end in my lifetime and the planet’s citizens will come to see a silent Hitler has operated in their midst.

      As the Big Lebowski said: “This aggression will not stand.”

    • T.A.N.

      I have experienced many of the symptoms listed above by other individuals on this board. Best described as “directed energy, psychotronic or neurological weapons.” A combination of computing, communications and biotechnology.

      I began to hear this form of communication in October of 2001. Feels like a form of telepathy (synthetic telepathy) possibly using a wireless brain-machine interface?

      It’s symptom profile falls convieniently under the DSM-IV criteria for psychosis, schizophrenia and schizo-affective disorders.


    • Please do a report on the use of directed energy weapons and community policing based gang stalking that is currently being tested on American citizens. Phoenix, Arizona is virtually crawling with community policing groups that participate in these psychological attacks. It should not be too difficult to find someone who knows about testing infra-sound and microwave based weapons on innocent Americans in the community. Start at Esteban Park!


    • john

      I wouls also like to see an investigation both into organized stalking and the Directed Energy Weapons they are employing, and the related peculiar affliction of “extremus arrogantus” whose sufferers find themselves diagnosing people on the internet they’ve never met with schizophrenia.
      (actually should we consider their misinformation campaigns to be conspiratorial?)

    • Targeted Individual

      ** Organized Stalking and the Nonconsensual Testing and Experimentation of Directed Energy and Neurological Weapons **


      Can anyone assist suffering citizens who are being silently irradiated in their homes by Directed Energy and Neurological Weapons??

      Is there anyone that can offer us hope on this crime that is being looked past??


      Can anyone offer the victims assistance given this insideous crime??


    • Jeannie in Jacksonville Florida

      The direct energy weapons are now used on American citizens because Congress and Bush passed it into law on September 2008. Google GGreenwald Section 1076. This weapon they are using on me is called the Laser Induced Plasma Channel (LIPC) and have been using it for eight years, since Bush took office. If you want to bring justice to an injust government, help me expose it. The only outspoken critic of the use of this weapon package on the American citizens was Patrick Leahy from Vermont. I wrote him last week asking him if I could go before his Judiciary Committee to let Congress know what this weapon has done to me. It burns, cramps, stabs, hammers, chokes, sleep deprives and I need someone to help me. I have a stack of letters almost a foot high I have written to the government and media over the past three years, trying to get someone to take this on.

    • Anna

      My torture started in the year 2000. The electromagnetic weapons caused me to start having Grand-mal seizures at the age 42. I am followed, stalked and harrassed on a daily basis. I hope that President Obama makes a law against this type of harrassment because it is costing the Government and tax payers a lot of money. For instance, since I am an epileptic with seizures that can not be controlled I am on disability and ssi for the rest of my life. This type of harrassment is causing the President to have to fight for Healthcare reform. I truly hope and pray that the Healthcare reform bill passes.

    • adnoh

      My sister and I were both targeted in 2003. I only began figuring out what was really happening over the past year. Unfortunately I hadn’t figured it out early enough and my sister died in 2006. The stress destroyed her health and she got cancer.

      I am ashamed that I was never educated about this phenomenon especial because there is so much information out there about it but it seems that the public is continuously misdirected with entertainment and propaganda so we are always ignorant about so many important things.

      I too would like to see PBS Investigate and expose the tactics used on targeted individuals.

    • adnoh

      My sister and I were both targeted in 2003. I only began figuring out what was really happening over the past year. Unfortunately I hadn’t figured it out early enough and my sister died in 2006. The stress destroyed her health and she got cancer.

      I am ashamed that I was never educated about this phenomenon especial because there is so much information out there about it but it seems that the public is continuously misdirected with entertainment and propaganda so we are always ignorant about so many important things.

      I too would like to see PBS Investigate and expose the tactics used on targeted individuals.

    • adnoh

      My sister and I were both targeted in 2003. I only began figuring out what was really happening over the past year. Unfortunately I hadn’t figured it out early enough and my sister died in 2006. The stress destroyed her health and she got cancer.

      I am ashamed that I was never educated about this phenomenon especial because there is so much information out there about it but it seems that the public is continuously misdirected with entertainment and propaganda so we are always ignorant about so many important things.

      I too would like to see PBS Investigate and expose the tactics used on targeted individuals.

    • To PBS production staff –

      Here is the organized stalking/electronic harassment story condensed into a short, easily read booklet designed for the public:


      Eleanor White

    • Zane Hersh

      In San Francisco where many apartment units are rent-controlled. it is not a far stretch of the imagination to suspect that greedy and unscrupulous landlords would use electronic harassment as a way of getting rid of disabled, elderly, people with children, or any other tenants unable to pay market rate or above market rate rents.
      I am a disabled senior who has been aware of an intense, low frequency, high energy type disturbance in my apartment. This is used most of the time at night waking me up numerous times and preventing me from getting an adequate night’s sleep. I have walked outside of my apartment and gone to other floors in the building and have not detected another disturbance like the one from which I suffer.
      I have visited a few websites having information about Directed Energy Weapons and was both amazed and frightened by what I read because of the authenticity of the information and similarity to the features of the type of disturbance I experience.
      It makes sense to me that it is very possible for someone with the motive, money, and means to employ Directed Energy Weapons to electronically harass a tenant who is “undesirable” because she/he is unable to pay more than double the rent paid for a rent controlled unit.

    • nancy

      I would also like to see the subject of gangstalking brought out into the light. My son and I were gangstalked after my late parents’ probate attorney took over and wanted us out of the home we inherited. He succeeded, and on a cross-country trip my son and I were terrorized, poisoned, and almost killed ( mobbed by cars)
      Even our cat was stolen from us.

    • Hi – I’m one of thousands of targets of “Organized Harassment”. It has been referred to has the “Silent Holocaust” or “murder without consequence”. It is used for obstruction of justice, hindering prosecution aka a whistle blower, for vengence and even for sport. I could not believe this until it happened to be and even then could not believe it. I am still have difficulty in accepting the technology that is referred to as electronic harassment and that I have experienced. It’s simply too much. My life has been one hideous shock after another – and this is being reported by many many citizens of this country. We are screaming for help and seem to be disbursed throughout the US. Living in NY, just north of the City, I am astounded by this “third world” experience. There are many legitimate targets, some or what’s called “plants”, some have gone over the edge. Please help get this out. I live at 15 Round Hill Road in Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522. My emails and phone calls are often diverted. I am intelligent and well spoken. Targets are fore shadowed and smeared. This must be exposed. It is a hideous assault on The Rule of Law and America’s Justice System.
      Thank you.

    • Gerry Duffett

      Press Announcement / Friday, April 16, 2010 / Microwave Weapons


      Everyone feel free to distribute the following press announcement to national and local media – TV, radio, newspapers about our upcoming press conference. We are seeing the beginnings of a developing news story regarding organized stalking and electronic torture. In the past few months we’ve had 2 mainstream TV shows, 2 local TV news stories (San Antonio,TX and Louisville,KY), and several local newspaper articles featuring our issues. We’re on a roll because of everyone’s efforts at exposing these atrocities. Keep up the great work!

      Derrick Robinson

      Press Announcement

      On Friday, April 16, 2010, the human rights organization, Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance in alliance with Ms. Connie Marshall, candidate for mayor of Louisville, Kentucky will convene a press conference at

      Cornerstone Cottage,

      3799 Bardstown Road (address for directions)
      2201 Sieger Villa Court (mailing address)
      Louisville , KY 40218


      [email protected]

      ……at 11:30 am,

      to call attention to a new wave of criminal behavior called organized stalking and electronic torture.

      The victims of these covert crimes suffer the effects of mind and body-invasive technologies that have caused great physical, psychological, and emotional harm to many thousands of targeted individuals across the country and the globe.

      The perpetrators of these crimes range from rogue elements of every level of government to corporations to private citizens.

      Not since the late 70’s has a serious look been given to the increasing intrusion by the US intelligence agencies into the private lives of American citizens. A congressional hearing and investigation into these covert activities is way overdue. A gathering of engineers, doctors, authors, a psychologist, and human rights activists, to name a few are expected to speak. One of the speakers is a Missouri statehouse representative and one of the guest speakers appeared in an episode last season of Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” television series. The importance and prominence of this assembly of individuals signals the rise of a major issue in this country whose time has come to be addressed.

      EVENT SPEAKERS: (in alphabetical order)

      Chris Crowder, Mechanical Engineer
      Dr. John Hall, Anesthesiologist, Author, A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America
      Robert Duncan O’Finioan, former Manchurian Candidate
      Rep. Jim Guest, Missouri House of Representatives
      Cyndie Spanier, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist
      Dr. Terry Robertson, Anesthesiologist
      Tim White, Human Rights Activist, Telecommunications Engineer
      Katherine Moore, former Vice-Mayor, Wilmington, NC
      Mary Ann Stratton, Human Rights Activist
      Michael Lauria, commercial airline pilot, ret.
      Joan Germano, Real Estate Agent
      Jo Rabjohn, Author
      Brian Uram, Real Estate Agent

      For more information about this unfolding story, please review the following news stories:

      This is a segment from a recent History Channel documentary called “That’s Impossible” about Mind Control, which aired approx. 8/25/09.

      At about 5:30 into this segment, the story begins about a targeted individual,

      Cheryl Welsh who is a victim of modern-day mind control technologies.

      Here is a TV news story in San Antonio, Texas about organized stalking perpetrated by covert harassment groups:


      Local TV newstory from WLKY, Louisville, KY about electronic torture victim Connie Marshall, candidate for mayor


      Contact information:

      Connie Marshall, Candidate for mayor of Louisville, Kentucky

      [email protected]



      Derrick Robinson, President
      Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance

      [email protected]



      Gerry Duffett

      3358-A McCowan Rd
      Scarborough Ontario
      Canada M1V 5P5

      [email protected],
      [email protected],


    • Shannon

      If you would like to know more about electronic harassment and gang stalking please read the following link. It’s long but well worth the read.


    • I took 1 st home loans when I was 32 and that supported my relatives very much. However, I need the collateral loan over again.

    • lisa Becker

      The Stasi movement in America has become very apparent. The victims are being tortured by electronic means and the media does everything possible to whitewash it and cover it up. Perhaps it is because they want to see political change at any price. Or, perhaps it is the moguls that own the media that look forward to a communist/feudal form of government.

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