There are a few movements afoot in the academic world to remake investigative journalism. The worry is that as Big Media companies cut back on reporting resources, less investigative work is being done and the Internet should be a place for a new style of in-depth journalism, perhaps combining professionals and amateurs. One such project is, led by NYU’s Jay Rosen and funded in part by Craig Newmark of Craigslist. Another project is the sprawling News21 initiative by five journalism schools and the Carnegie and Knight foundations. (Much more on that later at MediaShift…) But Rosen has put out the call — what ideas do you have for investigative reports? What do you think journalists should cover more in-depth? The oil industry? The government? Rising university tuitions? Share your ideas in the comments below, and I’ll send them along to Rosen and others to consider — plus, you’ll get showcased in next week’s Your Take Roundup.