Who should replace Amanda Congdon at Rocketboom (if that’s possible)?

    by Mark Glaser
    July 7, 2006

    I tried hard not to watch the car crash that was Amanda Congdon splitting from the most popular video blog in history, Rocketboom. But rubbernecking is a tough habit to break. Congdon left the show or was fired by producer Andrew Baron, depending on who’s telling the story. If you’re just joining the soap opera that’s been splashed all over the blogosphere, gossip site Valleywag has the blow-by-blow blog posts. I’ll have my own thoughts on the high-profile split, along with quotes from various observers, on Monday, but now it’s your turn to weigh in. Who should be the next face of Rocketboom? Who has the humor, the charisma, the smarts to follow in Congdon’s footsteps? Or do you think no one can follow her and Rocketboom will flounder? Share your thoughts in the comments and I’ll run the best ideas in the next Your Take Roundup.

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    • Andrew won’t have a problem getting overloaded with emails from aspiring anchors; I just hope the selection is made purely on talent and personality. Already, countless Web forums are discussing the possibilities, with many people debating who’d be the “hottest” replacement. I blogged a bit about this yesterday:

      there’s a lot of speculation that this spells the end of Rocketboom, but I wouldn’t sell Andrew short. He’s working like a maniac to line up an interim host. I just saw the resume and photos of one of the leading candidates. For those people who watch Rocketboom just to see a pretty face, she’d fit the bill, but the big challenge will be to find some who was as witty and entertaining as Amanda. Frankly, I’m worried there’s some public pressure to turn this into a quest for the “hottest” replacement. But the key thing will be to find someone who’s funny as hell and has a distinct personality that can keep people coming back for more. I’d hate to see an Amanda doppleganger. Heck, I’d almost rather preview the candidates by listening to a podcast of their reel rather than seeing them.

    • Star Jones

    • Karina Stenquist. No question.

      I always liked her better than Amanda anyway. (Not that I disliked Amanda, I just liked Karina better.)


    • I always wanted to like Rocketboom, but I just couldn’t. Something about Amanda Congdon just rubbed me the wrong way.

      Am I the only one who felt this way? (yes, I’m male, yes, I’m straight) I’ll be sure to “tune in” when they start their new “anchor.”

    • James Neal

      They will never find anyone that is as a beautiful and intelligent as Amanda. I’m following her wherever she goes. Forget Rocketboom. Amanda rules.

    • Joe

      No one. I’m willing to be proven wrong, but, from a viewers perspective, I suspect that Andrew underestimated Amanda’s contribtion to the show.

    • PJ

      Looks like Joanna Colan is the new host.

    • I think the important thing is is the role RB plays in promoting online video. Media companies need the success of shows like RB because it helps raise the overall demand/comfort level people have for online video. RB’s kerfluffle could help bring more attention to the show, or the loss of Amanda could hurt the show’s popularity. Either way, it could have ripple effects for online video in general — more so if the show becomes more popular, almost nil if it becomes less so (because those who have adopted more to video after becoming hooked on RB aren’t going to go backwards).

    • If Andrew is smart he will take this opportunity to reinvent rocketboom, taking the show in a bit of a different direction. That is the only way to put this soap opera to rest.

    • jusMee

      Everyone is replaceable. Let’s face it – Amanda is incredibly attractive. But a stand alone reporter, actress or personality she is not. Andrew will found her as a nobody on Craig’s List, and there are 1,000 other hot nobodies waiting to take her place.

      She’ll go on to do just fine for herself, of course, and one day she may be great. For now she is pretty good, and damn good looking. That’s it.

    • Mark

      OfficePirates.com broke the news of Amanda’s “hot, blonde” replacement last Thursday… with exclusive video, to boot:

    • ava

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