I tried hard not to watch the car crash that was Amanda Congdon splitting from the most popular video blog in history, Rocketboom. But rubbernecking is a tough habit to break. Congdon left the show or was fired by producer Andrew Baron, depending on who’s telling the story. If you’re just joining the soap opera that’s been splashed all over the blogosphere, gossip site Valleywag has the blow-by-blow blog posts. I’ll have my own thoughts on the high-profile split, along with quotes from various observers, on Monday, but now it’s your turn to weigh in. Who should be the next face of Rocketboom? Who has the humor, the charisma, the smarts to follow in Congdon’s footsteps? Or do you think no one can follow her and Rocketboom will flounder? Share your thoughts in the comments and I’ll run the best ideas in the next Your Take Roundup.