RIAAin’t::Lawsuits Will Not Win Digital Music War

    by Mark Glaser
    May 18, 2006

    i-f65a5e09527f4915457fe18a48d051ed-Pioneer inno.JPG
    The music and film industries have control issues. For decades, they have been the ones in control. They have told us — the listeners and viewers — when and where we can consume their products. They have dictated the terms.

    Then along came digital technology, and those businesses lost control to technology companies and the people who could now watch what they want and listen to what they want whenever they want. Rather than try to innovate, the music industry and Hollywood have tried to stuff the digital genie back into the bottle.

    They’ve tried laws, they’ve tried lawsuits, they’ve tried threats. But at each turn, people rejected them for the technology they craved to control media on their own terms. And there’s been a long list of popular technological solutions, from the VCR to the DVR to the MP3 player to satellite radio.


    But with each of these solutions, the studios and record companies have fought tooth and nail to stop them. And it’s no surprise that the latest shot fired by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) was to sue XM Radio for its new portable satellite radio player, the Pioneer inno (pictured above). The inno lets people record and store up to 50 hours of satellite radio programming, but does not let them transfer the recordings to other devices.

    The RIAA and the various big record labels it represents say the inno is breaking copyright laws, and that XM should be paying a separate licensing fee for this record-and-playback function. XM fires back that the labels are using the litigation to force XM to pay more licensing money, as XM has already paid a fee to broadcast the music in the first place.

    Whatever the details in this particular case, it’s just one in a long line of lawsuits and battles the music industry has waged in fighting against new technology — a fight it can’t possibly win. With each technology it “conquers” — like the Napster file-trading service — a hundred more spring up like whack-a-moles that can’t all be whacked.


    JD Lasica detailed many of these battles in his fascinating book, Darknet: Hollywood’s War Against the Digital Generation. Lasica details just how much control the record companies have lost, and how hard they’ve fought to regain it. Here’s one particularly telling passage (keep in mind, the book was published about a year ago):

    To date, the record companies have shown a mistrust of the technologies that will either sustain them or undercut their reason for existing. The record labels need to realize that their salvation lies not in devising a fool-proof copy protection scheme or legislating file-sharing networks out of existence. Their future lies in winning the hearts, minds, and wallets of thirteen- to twenty-five-year-old music fans who are immersed in digital culture — who spend their days swapping instant messages, chatting, sending emails, and mixing, burning, mashing, and manipulating personal media. Sometimes copyrighted media…

    What will the future of music look like? We’ll likely see a new middle class of musicians emerge, subverting the mass music hit engine and changing the dynamics of the music business. Any new business model must assure that musicians and creative artists are compensated fairly for their work — a task the labels have generally failed at. One casualty of a reinvented music industry may be the collapse of the superstar system. The increasing number of fans with diverse, eclectic tastes suggests that record companies need to jettison their lowest-common-denominator approach to popular music.

    But not every label is putting its head in the sand with new technology. One good sign was that Warner Bros. recently announced it would distribute movies and TV shows via the BitTorrent file-sharing service — though they will be copy-protected files that Warner will rent or sell. Still, it’s a focus on collaborating with a pioneering technology company, rather than trying to win the digital media war with litigation only.

    What do you think? Should the RIAA be suing XM over the inno device, or trying to work together with satellite radio over the inevitable record-and-playback features? How do music companies and Hollywood strike a balance between digital rights management and letting people share their personal copies of media? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

    • The Warner Bros.-BitTorrent arrangement is one to watch. Unfortunately, the music labels haven’t done much in the way of innovation. Rhapsody and the new Napster, while interesting, surely aren’t the final word in innovative business practices. This issue won’t be settled in a fusillade of litigation.

    • As a citizen I have to admit frustration with these recent events. One of my Senators, Orrin Hatch, is constantly in the vanguard of pushing RIAA and MPAA sponsored legislation before Congress. In fact, he even proudly takes credit for spearheading the DMCA. Any letters sent to his office begging for reason fall on deaf ears. The RIAA/MPAA campaigns of fear, uncertainty, and doubt have convinced many law makers that their business interests are more vital to the economy than the fair rights of millions of Americans. In this case, I believe politicians are being short sighted. They happily legislate the continued existence of old business models at the cost of nurturing the new markets of the digital world.

      Now the RIAA is suing one of the darlings of Wall Street. I fail to see how time shifting content on XM’s device is so different from recording music off the radio onto cassette tapes, especially since the device does not make it possible to transfer the music to other devices. Is it just me or does this latest move by the RIAA seem a tad desperate? As you correctly surmised, this is all about control and I just answered my own question.

    • You’re missing the very basic aspect to this lawsuit: It will help define what is/isn’t a digital download. The RIAA does not want a digital copy to exist without rightsholders being compensated, and I think that’s fair. Consumers should be expected to pay for things like this. There should not be a free lunch just because a technology allows for a free lunch.

      Yes, XM already pays for the broadcast, but the Inno does more than receive broadcasts. It creates a digital copy. Now, I can’t say whether or not this meets the legal definition of a digital copy as defined by copyright law. Maybe, maybe not. (My guess is that it is, as defined by current law. It’s not the same as a digital download purchased at iTunes, but it *is* a digital copy.)

      If the court finds that the file created by the Inno does not meet the definition of a digital copy, then XM will not have to pay mechanical royalties.

      I’m glad XM didn’t go the Sirius route and pay the RIAA a per-unit fee. Let’s get this legal definition worked out so we can move on. Having a better definition of what is/isn’t a digital download will be beneficial to all parties.

      As for your approval of Warner Bros using BitTorrent, that’s a completely different issue. Totally unrelated in every way to this RIAA/XM lawsuit. The music industry does indeed work with new technologies and new industries, but journalists don’t pay nearly as much attention to them (video games, ringtones, subscription services, digital distribution, mobile downloads) as they do the lawsuits that they feel encroach upon their rights as consumers.

      I think lawsuits like this are inevitable when technologies move much faster than the law. For better or worse, they’ll have to be worked out in court.

    • NC Rick

      Is it a digital copy whilst being downloaded? In a buffer in a router or other device? How long does a file have to reside in a storage medium to be considered a copy? Are there any hairs to split here that lawyers have yet to consider? They bill by the hour, don’t they.

      Since the file cannot be removed from the device, is it really a copy or is it a time-shiftable version of what was already paid for in a monthly subscription – of which RIAA members (and if they’re lucky, artists) get a chunk.

      As J. C. Dvorak (among others) pointed out in a TWiTcast, aren’t the same music “files” sent over DBS satellites (DirecTV) and cannot they be recorded there? Is the same logic applicable to every DVR that can record off a satellite?

      Don’t use that “digital file” distinction as if the sound quality off of XM or Sirius is equal to the original CD – their compression (esp. Sirius, and yes I have both) is far greater (poorer quality) than most anything you might download from a file-sharer.

      Since when was anything created or improved by a lawsuit? Since when did consumers say, “oh let’s buy some Sony/BMG products because they REALLY protect THEIR ‘digital rights’?

      Is this just a flavor of ‘if you don’t protect it you lose it’ legal thinking?

    • Todd Nixon

      For many decades you could listen to the top 40 countdowns on Sunday mornings and record every song onto a cassette. In fact you can still do it today. Why is it legal to tape it, but now record it digitally? I do not recall the recording studios ever complaining about cassette tape recordings. Why has it become such an issue, because it’s easier now? I would love to ask one of these attorneys if they ever “created a tape” for one of their boy/girlfriends. I don’t think you really have to ask them the question to get the answer…


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