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The Mediatwits podcast is a lively discussion about the week in digital media. Hosted by Mark Glaser, the podcast includes rotating regular guests, including the Guardian’s Ana Marie Cox, Reuters’ Felix Salmon, USC’s Andrew Lih and the Seattle Times’ Monica Guzman. Plus, special guests will join us to talk about timely subjects. You can expect to hear expert commentary on topics such as the rise of social media and its role in media, the challenge to the TV industry by upstarts such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, and changes in the worlds of magazines, radio, newspapers, education and books.

The podcast is streamed live on a Google Hangout on Air each Friday at 10:30 am PT / 1:30 pm ET and can be watched on PBS MediaShift, the PBS MediaShift Google+ page, and on the MediaShift YouTube Channel. Archived shows can be viewed on MediaShift, YouTube, Google+ and the audio of the show can be heard on the MediaShift SoundCloud channel and subscribed to on iTunes here.

Thanks to SoundCloud for providing support for the audio version of the Mediatwits. Thanks to PBS and the Knight Foundation for providing funding to help make the podcast a reality.

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Mediatwits #79: FBI Reads Emails Without Warrants; Henry Jenkins on ‘Spreadable Media’

Roundtable: Mark Glaser, Monica Guzman, Andrew Lih

Special Guest: Henry Jenkins, professor at USC and author of “Spreadable Media”

Topics: FBI, DOJ snooping on private emails and messages online; Jenkins’ new book and how media spreads online, along with participatory culture; “open interviews” and how one startup CEO requires them, but TechCrunch refused to do it.


Mediatwits #77: Ad Deluge Coming @Twitter; Lessons from the Boston Manhunt

Roundtable: Mark Glaser, Felix Salmon, Andrew Lih, Monica Guzman

Special guest: Emily Steel, Financial Times

Topics: Twitter’s huge ad deal with Starcom MediaVest Group; lessons learned from the social media sleuthing following the Boston bombings; changes to digital pricing and fallout from Politico hit piece on Jill Abramson.


Mediatwits #76: Social Response to Boston Bombings; Pulitzer for InsideClimate News

Roundtable: Mark Glaser, Ana Marie Cox, Andrew Lih, Felix Salmon

Special guest: Gabriel Florit, Boston Globe data visualization

Topics: Social response and media mistakes in aftermath of Boston bombings; Pulitzer Prize win for tiny non-profit site InsideClimate News; mobile ads, mobile use by teens booming.


Mediatwits #75: Fox Threatened by Aereo; Cass Sunstein Makes Government ‘Simpler’

Roundtable: Mark Glaser, Ana Marie Cox, Andrew Lih, Monica Guzman

Special guest: Author, law professor Cass Sunstein

Topics: Sunstein’s new book, “Simpler” and making government simple; Fox and Univision threaten to pull signals from airwaves over new Aereo service; Tumblr fires editorial staff; a ray of hope for newspapers?


Mediatwits #74: Special Edition on the Rise of Native, Mobile Ads

Roundtable: Mark Glaser, Ana Marie Cox, Andrew Lih, Monica Guzman

Special guests: BuzzFeed’s Jonathan Perelman, Terri Thornton

Topics: Special edition on native advertising, BuzzFeed’s native ads; mobile advertising and native ads on mobile.


Mediatwits #73: Yahoo Buys Summly?!; Douglas Rushkoff’s Present Shock

Roundtable: Mark Glaser, Felix Salmon, Andrew Lih, Ana Marie Cox

Special guest: Author Douglas Rushkoff

Topics: Yahoo buys Summly; Rushkoff’s new book “Present Shock”; Columbia J-School’s new dean Steve Coll; Flipboard 2.0.


Mediatwits #72: Sad State of the News Media; Reuters’ Social Editor Indicted

Roundtable: Mark Glaser, Felix Salmon, Andrew Lih, Monica Guzman

Special guest: Amy Mitchell of Pew’s Project for Excellence in Journalism

Topics: PEJ’s State of the News Media report; Matthew Keys indicted on conspiracy charges; print pubs struggle with Boston Phoenix closing; “Veronica Mars” movie coming due to Kickstarter campaign.


Mediatwits #71: Facebook’s New Look Newsfeed; SXSW on The Verge

Roundtable: Mark Glaser, Monica Guzman, Felix Salmon, Staci Kramer

Special guest: Joshua Topolsky

Topics: Facebook’s new revamped newsfeed; this year’s SXSW — is it still important to attend?; how much should freelance writers be paid; Time Warner to spin off Time Inc.


Mediatwits #70: Social Media Backlash to Oscars; Work-at-Home Yahoos Bashed

Roundtable: Mark Glaser, Andrew Lih, Monica Guzman, Felix Salmon, Ana Marie Cox

Special Guest: Kara Swisher

Topics: The social media backlash against Seth MacFarlane hosting the Oscars; Yahoo’s no-work-at-home edict and whether others will follow suit; Cablevision sues Viacom over forcing bundles of cable channels; Andrew Mason fired as CEO at Groupon


Mediatwits #69: Boston Globe, Time Inc. for Sale; Guy Kawasaki on Self-Publishing

Roundtable: Mark Glaser, Andrew Lih, Monica Guzman, Felix Salmon, Ana Marie Cox

Special guest: Guy Kawasaki

Topics: Sale of Boston Globe, Time Inc. magazines; Guy Kawasaki in self-publishing and his new book “APE”; Google pushing its new Google Glass wearable computer.


Mediatwits #68: Watching State of the Union Online; Andrew Sullivan’s Leaky Pay Wall

Roundtable: Mark Glaser, Ana Marie Cox, Felix Salmon, Monica Guzman

Special guest: Andrew Sullivan

Topics: State of the Union memes; Andrew Sullivan’s pay wall; Knight Foundation paying Jonah Lehrer

Watch or listen:


Mediatwits #67: Bingeing on House of Cards; Print Mags Hit by Postal Service

Roundtable: Mark Glaser, Felix Salmon, Andrew Lih, Monica Guzman

Topics: “House of Cards” and Netflix; print magazines struggle with loss of Saturday delivery; Super Blow goes social; NBC closes EveryBlock.

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