Tag: war

by Paul Goodman

Internews and [Nai](http://www.nai.org.af), an Afghan media advocacy organization, have collected hundreds of reports of threats, intimidation, and violence faced by journalists in Afghanistan. We recently announced a new site, [data.nai.org.af](http://data.nai.org.af), which features 10 years of these reports. While Nai’s data previously resided in spreadsheets, the new site allows the public to access hundreds of reports […] more »

by Teru Kuwayama

When she picked up the phone, I could tell from the sound of her voice that she didn’t know yet. “I’m sorry to tell you this — but I wanted you to hear from a friend, not Facebook. Tim Hetherington was killed in Libya. Chris Hondros too. I’m really sorry.” There’s a nauseating absurdity to […] more »

by Teru Kuwayama

Safi Airways flight 4Q-52. Sept 28, 2010 at 20:00 GMT-Zulu — I’m airborne and en route to link up with First Battalion, Eighth Marine Regiment (a.k.a. “one-eight,” the subject of our Knight News Challenge grant), in southern Afghanistan. We’re at cruising altitude, somewhere between Hungary and Turkey, on a civilian flight into Kabul. The first […] more »

by Paul Lamb

Imagine your city as a war zone…like Baghdad. This project called Shadows from another place, by Professor Paula Levine at San Francisco State University, involved the transposing an interactive map of Baghdad on San Francisco using GPS mapping – complete with a warzone audio track. How does this impact our understanding of and feelings about […] more »