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by John Berryman

State codes are wretched. Seriously, look at a few from: California, New York, Illinois, and Texas. They are all good examples of how stunningly difficult it is to understand state laws. They don’t have APIs. Virtually none have bulk downloads. You’re stuck with their crude offerings. The State Decoded is a platform that displays state codes, court decisions, and information […] more »

by Matt Stempeck

The following is a liveblog of an MIT Facebook recruiting event by Matt Stempeck, Rodrigo Davies, and Chris Peterson. We’ve had all of our data on Facebook for years. And advertisers have used Facebook’s self-service ad-buying platform, similar to Graph Search, to segment and target ads at us for years. But now, the rollout of […] more »

by Waldo Jaquith

The State Decoded project is putting U.S. state laws online, making them easy to search, understand and navigate. Our laws are organized badly, but The State Decoded is reorganizing them automatically, connecting people with the legal information they need with the ease of a Google search. In implementing many of the features necessary to provide […] more »

by Waldo Jaquith

Throughout the planning process for the State Decoded project, I have made the basic assumption that the primary source of traffic for the software would be from search engines. People typing in things like “boundary law in kentucky” or “grand larceny illinois bad checks,” would be led directly to the law in question, presented within […] more »

by Christopher Groskopf

Wouldn’t it be sweet if you just got an email when something newsworthy happens? Wouldn’t that make your job easier? Well, have we got news for you. Today’s release, PANDA beta 2, has an awesome new feature: search notifications. Think of it like a Google News search: Go to PANDA and search for something. Check […] more »

by Philip Neustrom

The weather is starting to heat up here in beautiful San Francisco, and so is our software development! Here’s an update to give you a sense of what we’ve been up to for the past month — and what’s coming up. Software highlights We’ve worked tirelessly on our new software, and we’re starting to see […] more »

by Amanda Hickman

We quietly opened DocumentCloud’s catalog to public searches in January, and we’ve been working since to do more with the great documents that reporters have added to our catalog. When Vancouver Sun investigative reporter Chad Skelton asked if there was a way to automate display of the growing cache of documents he was retrieving from […] more »

by Aaditeshwar Seth

After working countless weekends and days and nights, we are very happy to announce that Gram Vaani’s platform for community radio stations is now available for download. We call it GRINS, standing for the Gramin Radio Inter Networking System. GRINS is an enhanced automation system for community radio stations. Built on Gram Vaani’s MINP platform, […] more »

by Benjamin Melançon

For people without their own web site or blog, a newspaper article can become their primary identity online. Local news sites face this responsibility most often and most intensely. Every article or blog on the internet can become part of the permanent record, but the publisher doesn’t control how and when people access this information- […] more »