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by Emily Harris

Click here to read the entire series In early 2012, just about a year ago, the Journalism Accelerator invited a half-dozen people with a range of unique roles in the news production mix, to identify the most crucial challenges facing publishers at that moment in time. No enormous surprise: Money was the top concern. More […] more »

by Rich Gordon

When it comes to the mission of journalism, it’s hard to imagine any function more fundamental than providing people with the information they need to choose their elected representatives. That’s why the first major initiative of the Knight News Innovation Laboratory, announced this week, will focus on coverage of the March 20 congressional primary elections […] more »

by Phillip Smith

Let’s face it — technically speaking, comments are broken. With few exceptions, they don’t deliver on their potential to be a force for good. Web-based discussion threads have been part of the Internet experience since the late 1990s. However, the form of user commentary has stayed fairly static, and — more importantly — few solutions […] more »

by Mary Lou Fulton

We’re underway with alpha testing for Printcasting, our Knight News Challenge-funded project at The Bakersfield Californian. It’s great to see everything coming together! The alpha period will give us feedback on how well we’ve done in presenting the basic functionality of the product. But even if every single thing about Printcasting is perfect, that won’t […] more »

by G. Patton Hughes

Beating the street looking for a job in journalism is not a pleasant thought these days. As the firing of editors at places like the LA Times over newsroom staff cuts demonstrates, out-of-work journalists are totally divorced from the decision making that affects their lives. This is because the big decisions in this industry are […] more »