Tag: live stream

by Tom Grasty

Real-time news reporting is an exciting proposition. It’s also a process fraught with problems, both for the journalist and the reader. For the journalist, there are myriad platforms that facilitate fast and accurate news gathering. But in order for platforms like Live Stream, UStream, YouTube Live to effectively expedite news field reporting, the backend, or […] more »

by Val Wang

While the live-stream of Quincy District Court is the cornerstone of our project to open the court through digital technology, OpenCourt is in the process of expanding. One of our hopes is that the project will be used as a resource for high school civics classes. First Justice Mark Coven I asked one high school […] more »

by Joe Spurr

OpenCourt, our Knight Foundation-funded project devised to help make courts more transparent, is facing a legal challenge soon to be heard by a judge in the highest court in Massachusetts. The central issue at stake is a First Amendment question of whether the court can order a news organization to redact material that has been […] more »