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by JSK

Dan Archer is a unique visual journalist who creates comics to tell all kinds of stories, from investigative to explanatory. Archer was a 2011 Knight Fellow, spending his time at Stanford working on ways to promote comics journalism as a legitimate, innovative way of news storytelling. These days, Dan is focused on telling investigative stories. […] more »

by Tayyeb Afridi

When I arrived as a Knight Fellow at Stanford, I asked the staff, “Where is Silicon Valley?” I was expecting that it would be a building like the Stanford Shopping Center, with every tech company inside. “Silicon Valley is more like a concept, driven by the spirit and curiosity to build new things,” I was […] more »

by Wilson Liévano

How can you explain a war to someone in five minutes and be sure that they would understand? There are few topics as complex as wars. Even more so in the Internet era, where readers are flooded with information (and misinformation). In the daily torrent of news, context is usually absent, which makes it harder […] more »

by Melissa Chan

What do you do when you know, going into your project, that it’s a losing battle — one that journalists will not win? My yearlong mission as a Stanford Knight Journalism Fellow is to try to come up with solutions to improve journalists’ digital security. The project was born from personal experience: As a correspondent […] more »

by Teresa Bouza

Datafest, a two-day contest to analyze campaign finance data that I organized last month at Stanford, was one of the best experiences of my wonderful year as a Knight Fellow. The event was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to learn. It produced very interesting insights and illuminated possible ways forward for data […] more »