Tag: film

by David Dunkley Gyimah

3.2.1… a flash ignites. A loud din prevails momentarily. Then an eerie silence descends… people scatter for coverage. Four hours away from Aleppo, Syria, I’m reviewing a film made by Hakewati, a former theatre director and actor. It’s a much-purloined film clip from which the theatre director turned videojournalist has not seen a single penny (that’s a whole […] more »

by Jon Vidar

This past November, I made the trip for the second year in a row to the Mozilla Festival in London, a three-day technology binge fest that brings together some of the world’s top thinkers to consider and shape the future of the web. It’s awesome. This year, however, I found myself sneaking away early on […] more »

by Jessica Mayberry

“You mean to say that sending the email is free?! I don’t have to pay for it?” Laxmi was amazed that there is no equivalent on the Internet to paying for a postage stamp to send a letter. The first twenty minutes of this workshop on digi-activism being held in Goa, India were over her […] more »

by David Sasaki

The last time we checked in with Iran Inside Out, project leader Shaghayegh Azimi had just finished a trailer video to whet our appetite for what was to come. As she details in a two-part project evaluation, Azimi intended for Iran Inside Out to become a full-time venture to spread awareness about and raise the […] more »

by JD Lasica

Mockup10_180_135_72 ReelChanges.org, a nonprofit venture that promises to herald an era of viewer-funded documentaries, launched May 1. Since that time, the site has gained considerable traction, partly driven by the  tenacity of its founder, Hal Plotkin (a former journalist at the San Francisco Chronicle), and partly because of the sheer power of the idea. Last […] more »