Tag: drupal

by Tony Shawcross

At the Alliance for Community Media Conference in Tuscon, Ariz., I participated on a panel called “New Paradigms in Fundraising.” Despite the name of the panel, my focus was more on “financial sustainability” than on fundraising, per se. I’ve outlined a variety of fundraising approaches emerging in non-commercial media in previous posts. But to me, […] more »

by Nonny de la Peña

If you’ve used Stroome, our collaborative video remixing site, in the last few weeks, you will have noticed, and hopefully enjoyed, a complete redesign of the site. User flow has now been streamlined, and the embedded community and collaborative elements make the process a lot more fun: Clips can be added to a bin using […] more »

by Matt Thompson

Part of the mission behind NPR’s Project Argo is to construct a software platform that can maximize the output of a one- or two-person team of reporters. Project Argo is a collaboration between NPR and member stations to strengthen public media’s role in local journalism. As the project has progressed, we’ve realized that we evolved […] more »

by Harry Dugmore

Giving African newsrooms, particularly community media and non-profit organizations, the ability to leapfrog into the mobile era is at the core project of Iindaba Ziyafika’s work in South Africa. As Anne-Ryan Heatwole reported last year on this site, our Knight-funded NIKA Content Management System, which was designed and coded in South Africa using Drupal as its […] more »

by Christopher Csikszentmihályi

Last week I wrote about another project that’s come to a boil at the Center for Future Civic Media: VoIP Drupal. Here is a brief video of Leo Burd lecturing at DrupalCon 2011 on the release of Voip Drupal, a plugin that allow full interaction between Drupal CMS and phones. VoIP Drupal is a project […] more »

by Christopher Csikszentmihályi

MIT’s Center for Future Civic Media has done a variety of breakthrough civic systems with phones. Examples range from Leo Burd’s What’s Up platform to the Call4Action class and its cool student projects. We at C4 love these projects, but working with phones has always been a bear. A lot of programming is necessary. In […] more »

by Tony Shawcross

Last week, the Open Media Foundation and the Internet Archive announced a significant development in the Open Media Project, the open-source effort designed to enable more community participation and control over community media organizations. The Internet Archive Drupal Module, which was the final deliverable in OMF’s 2008 Knight News Challenge grant, was improved to provide […] more »

by Brad Flora

Last June, my company, NowSpots, won Knight News Challenge funding to build better local online advertising products for newspapers, alt-weeklies, and community newspapers. We’ve been building our product and working in closed beta with pilot publishers these last months.   We’re seeing great results and are about to open up to new publishers. If your publication […] more »

by Aaron Presnall

The most elegant, user-friendly data visualization program is useless without data to visualize; and, historically, those who possess data are reluctant to share it. Massive data has been dominated by a thin layer of elites, and sophisticated data-visualization tools — such as heat maps, motion charts, time maps, and tag maps — generally have remained […] more »

by Alexander Zolotarev

SochiReporter is getting ready to launch on the web and for mobile users. We spent the last three weeks fixing linguistic, technical and design bugs, all with the goal of maximizing ease of use. So far we have drawn a fabulous group of people from both local and virtual communities: garage tech geeks and web […] more »