Tag: databases

by Andrew Whitacre

Yesterday colleagues of mine at MIT were brainstorming plenaries for an upcoming media conference. Data visualization came up, but each of us grumbled. “Overdone,” one of us said, to nodding heads. We’d done a session on that at every one of our conferences and forums, as had others at theirs. Data visualization had become tragically […] more »

by Amanda Hickman

Imagine a website that would show you, not just how many copies of some book are available for sale from Amazon, but which libraries near you carry the book. Oh wait, that already exists . Between WorldCat and Steven’s thoughts on the Sacramento Bee salary database I’m thinking a lot about what really good data […] more »

by Paul Grabowicz

If you want to know what the future of investigative reporting might look like online, check out what the Las Vegas Sun has done with its special section on Flight Delays. It’s an interactive map and database on plane delays at McCarran Airport. You can check a particular flight, look at patterns in delays to […] more »